Time to grow up {and move on}

maandag 21 november 2016

Hi you girls and boys,

maybe you're wondering why I haven't written for so long ; well, actually I have but not on this platform. I guess it was just about time to make change and grow up, blog-wise that is.

I've made an effort to recreate a new blog with a proper .com name ; no more blogspot.com anymore from now on.

Also, I had so many people asking on my Instagram account, why I did not blog ! I guess I was just a bit fed up explaining that I do have a blog, with a different account name .. do you here me coming ?

So from now on, please click the following website/blog and if you like, follow me here ..

It's a lot easier now both IG and blog names connect and are simply the same.
No fuss.
Another change I made, I'm currently blogging in Dutch/Flemish as most of my followers on IG are Dutch-speaking people.
However, if you guys would love to see me write in English, French, German whatever ..
please let me know ! 
I'll gladly add an extra column on each post.

Thanks so much for being such loyal fans of this site.
Alas, all {good} things come to an end and make space for something better.
Hope you all like the new website/blog.

Please share and let me know. I'd love to hear all your feedback. 

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