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vrijdag 30 oktober 2015

recap of this weeks' pictures: {clockwise} Merci Paris - the same picture framed together with my new led Eiffel Tower lamp from Hema - one of my monochromatic looks - Niamh posing for me on Sunday, Erwin Olaf inspired - another look and me posing on my doorstep - the save-the-date card came in my mailbox on Wednesday

It's been a very hectic week ; had 2 deadlines and truck loads of work for school before the upcoming holidays. On top of that, I've tried to train for tomorrow's Electric run in Antwerp ; I'm feeling quite tired and warm and I really hope I get through this weekend and Monday before I can officially crash.

It hasn't been long since I've had a warning from my doctor and on top of that I need to mentally prepare for surgery somewhere in 2016. I like to delay it as long as possible but Mr C and my doctor aren't to keen to hear me out.

So this is why I've been 'lazy' posting blogposts although I've got so much to share ; thank God for Instagram ! 
So easy to share something every day, right ?

I've been very happy to have finally seen the results of last Summer's engagement shoot with Lynn & Kenneth ; they've sent me their save-the-date card and I'm thrilled with the result !
For those interested ; we've been using the works of Wedding Paper Divas to make the card ! 
I'm pleased with the final result ; the image is sharp and the colors seem pretty ok as well.

Like to see more and we're not connected yet ? Follow me and maybe I'll follow you right back ; here's the link to my Instagram-account !

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