{Over} the Ocean ..

zaterdag 7 november 2015

About 2 years ago, Richard Hawley had an amazing gig here in Brussels and I still get silent and touched when I hear the live version of one of his songs, The Ocean.
So when I look back at these pictures of San Francisco, I instantly get that song in my head
Even though we have to attend meetings and work for long hours, we always take the time to enjoy the views and surroundings.

SF is such an amazing place, not only to work but it's - like New York - the closest to the European way of living.

Now, I really want to see Richard Hawley again and as it happens, he's coming to Antwerp for a gig in the Arenbergschouwburg on November 20th.
There are still some tickets available, so hurry if you want to see this amazingly talented guy.

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