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Rain rain, got to Spain ! 
We can finally eat al fresco again and we decided to do so last night.
Jumped on our city bikes and drove to the Zuid quartier of town and had a lovely Italian meal at 

It's the perfect place for a midweek meal - weekends are to busy and noisy - and we were lucky enough to sit on the lovely terrace in front of the resto.
We had some veal à la Milanese and pasta and a delicious panna cotta for dessert.


Oh, shut up and drink already !

Finally tasted this homemade iced tea at Hotel National in Antwerp.
Had to order it 3 times before, when they finally said "we do" !
It was worth the wait ! So friggin' nice and refreshing.
No wonder it was always sold out ; it's just too good to leave your glass full {I ordered 2 btw}

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I love art in many ways ; I can appreciate a Vermeer painting as much as photography or design. Art is all about the beholder in my opinion ; if you see beauty in even the simplest of things and it triggers your emotions, then for me, it's art.

Like this graffiti.
I was really amazed by the beauty and the way the artist portrayed all these emotions. I can't believe this comes out of a spray can. Amazing.
Do you appreciate street art too ? 

See you at Nine will be hitting the town of Stockholm pretty soon

vrijdag 11 juli 2014

In a weeks time, my job will bring me to Stockholm, Sweden.
I know some of you faithful followers are from Sweden and maybe even situated near Stockholm centre. Maybe a great opportunity to meet and greet and teach me all there is to know about beautiful Stockholm. So, if you have this fabulous place you'd like to share and make me want to put this place on my 'must-see-list' .. please let me know !

I'll be staying at the Nobis hotel by the way :)

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Finally can say I'm the proud owner of a Givenchy bambi sweater ; I did not go for a neoprene one but this blush silky smooth Summer model.
I really love pink. Even more if it's subtle like this. I noticed the slip ons too .. so beautiful ! Might be next on my wish list for Fall.
But for now, I try to enjoy Summer and my upcoming vaca to Sweden and Italy. 

photography #5

donderdag 3 juli 2014


pomme d'amour and look at that engagement ring ! 

Yesterday, I did my very first real engagement shoot. I did lovers and friends before but never  a couple that has set a date to get married.
Luckily I had a lot of practise with these other couples - in love but no ring - to get ideas and how to use my settings and lenses for this kind of photoshoot.
The weather was awesome, sunny and warm and for the location we decided to take it to our local fair in town. The good part about that is you can make your couple do stuff, get into real action shots and props are available all over the place ! 

So, when you decide to engage in a shoot, think it through. Don't choose your location randomly but check places out before the actual date.
You can do a rehearsal with a voluntary dummy so when the actual shoot date has arrived, you know the best spots and light angles. 
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