Hotel stay in Antwerp

woensdag 30 september 2015

If you're looking for a one-night stay near the Central Station in Antwerp, the Ibis Budget hotel Antwerpen Central Station, might just be the place you're looking for ! 
The rooms are small but decorated in a good way so you don't get an anguished feeling ; a separate shower and toilet are a plus.

The hotel of the Accor group is situated near the most beautiful station in the world ; worth a visit if you've got some spare time. The site is also on a walking distance from the main high street ; so I would recommend this hotel for a shopping spree in this beautiful city. Commence your morning with a light breakfast* and ask the friendly hotel staff for directions to hit the town. 

Another plus if you're addicted to your smartphone ;  WIFI is free ! 

In brief, I would recommend this hotel for a 1-night weekend stay in Antwerp, even more of you're traveling through and on a low budget.

* breakfast at 7.50€ pp 

pictures to follow soon but feel free to click through this link to get some idea and start booking. 

Video * Some of my favorite beauty products *

dinsdag 22 september 2015

Hi, it's tutorial Tuesday !

Not going to preach what I'm obsessing about, just some sharing {= caring} and showing you what my most used beauty products are.

I'm not hitched to any particular brand ; compare it to your schoolbooks ; some chapters are very interesting and actually teach you something. Some chapters are useless or straight boring.
So just like you pick the best out of each book, I'm trying to recap all products I am happy to use or work with.

So here we go :
1// Lash Boost by Catrice 
a primer to make your natural lashes a bit longer and fuller. To be used underneath your actual mascara

2// Lipocils by Talika
already shared this product with you guys in a previous post ; it boosts your lashes, makes them longer and curlier and a tint darker too.

3// BROWdrama by Maybelline. 
Sculpting brown mascara for your brows. Shapes them and gives a subtle brown layer, a healthier glow.

4// MAC mascara.
Just bought the upward lash in black. The tiny brush looks like a mini hair curler.
Separates your lashes delicately and covers every tiny one of them. 
Rumour has it that there's an upgrade coming soon {compare it to a newer version of the iPhone 6}
blacker than black !!

5// MUD face primer
I learned about this product when following a workshop at MUD HQ in Antwerp.
It's primordial to have a good base underneath your foundation.
Keeps your make up looking fresh and makes sure it stays.
Perfect for long days when your make up needs to be flawless all day/night long.

6// Erborian Pink Perfect Crème
A secret glow to finish off your daily make up ; brings a subtle glow to your cheeks and tip of your nose. Also usable to reshape any nose and best used on your nose bridge.

7// Kiehl's Precision Lifting Pore Tightening Concentrate
Perfect for the 40-something skin ! 
Helped me sorting out some dry spots on my forehead. I've been using this for 9 months now and I'm pretty sure I will be purchasing it again soon. 

8// Sothy's Voile d'Eté
Gives your cheeks a healthy glow ; perfect for your holiday make up. I even apply it on my shoulders  when an off-the-shoulder dress is worn. Very sexy ! 

9// Kabuki brush by Sisley
This wasn't the cheapest brush in my drawer but I must admit, one of the best ones I've ever had.
Perfect for subtle appliance to daub any powder or compact blush product. 
The hairs are aplenty present and that's just the secret ; thick and super soft, this brush does everything it promises to be.

10// Bal D'Afrique by Byredo
my current perfume ! 
As perfumes are very personal I just recommend to search for it and try it on yourself.
Maybe you'll like it maybe you won't. 
Don't be mad :-)

11// Book by Sabine Peeters
one of my favorite make-up artists in Belgium.
Check out her Instagram account {she's dead funny too} and love her efforts to make women more body conscious !!

Clean Pure Style

vrijdag 18 september 2015

Clean Pure Style
Just a quick update on what I will be wearing this weekend ! 
I am extremely happy my patent leather skirt from the Studio collection from HM came in the mail this last Tuesday ; as I suspected, the size and fit would be perfect. It looks very chic and sophisticated. I teamed with a neutral grey wool jumper from COS and some funky platforms by Forever 21.
These are just perfect to make a change from my sneaker addiction ; I'm leaving my Stan Smith's and lay them to rest for a while {read: 2 days max !} ..

The neoprene bomber {also from COS} works perfect with this moody weather ; not too warm yet water resistant when necessary. 
The Marant hat is in my bag {I hate umbrella's} and will be used when sunshine gets ditched for big fat raindrops.
To finish off my look, just a splash of my Bal d'Afrique scent and I'm good to go.

Have you got nice things plans this weekend ? 
Are you already sipping on that well deserved drink {after work} ?
Enjoy ! 

Something about eye lashes ; a video update on Talika eyelash boost

vrijdag 11 september 2015

Hi you guys,

I've decided to launch a video for the very first time, so sorry if it seems very small-time, but just wanted to share this experience of the Talika product I'm using online.

Am very happy with the product itself, it's super easy to use and doesn't sting at all !
{was very worried about that}
So I'm 3 weeks into using it and hopefully it will improve even more and leave me with some healthy full natural lashes again in a couple of weeks time.

Hope you all enjoy this little vid and wishing you a nice weekend !
Stay tuned !

Girls will be Boys

vrijdag 4 september 2015

Girls will be Boys

A quick update om my latest outfit choice ; I've found these amazing comfy pants at Les Petites.  They feel like sweatpants but in fact, the trousers are well cut and the material is an über soft wool. Nothing itchy about it. 
I've paired it with a sky blue blouse from COS and my silver Adidas sneakers. 
The look has some androgenous feel to it which I totally love these days.

By now, I guess I own at least 8 shirts in some kind of sky blue, plain or striped ! 
Is this special ? I guess not but for someone who used to live in sweaters, it is.
Shirts and blouses always gave me an uncomfortable feeling ; every time I put one on, it ended up quicker back in my closet than it came out. 

Fortunately, the shirts I purchased lately, have a loose fit with a shorter hem and are made in a lightweight cotton.
Just perfect for someone who likes her clothes to be comfy ; I hate the feeling of wearing a chain armor. As much as I like fashion, I like to move without restriction. 

For some more detailed pictures ; follow me on my Instagram account

De Living

donderdag 3 september 2015

click to see where de Living is at

Just a quick snapshot from my current whereabouts ; de Living is situated in the recently implemented city garden in the Harmonie neighbourhood.
The space - previously used as a accommodation for the local elderly - is now the perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee and newspaper, somewhere to have lunch or apéro after work.

I had a roast beef sandwich with parmesan cheese and truffle mayo with my ever typical cappuccino. 
Loved it ! 

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