Kirilove event for Essentiel 

Everybody in Fashionistaland knows Tiany Kiriloff. She's often portrayed on famous fashionblogs like The Sartorialist, Stockholm Streetstyle and many more ..
Today, I had the chance to officially meet beautiful Tiany (one of my personal fashion icons) and Inge  Onsea of Belgian label Essentiel. Tiany did a collab with Essentiel for women and girls. Being a mother herself of 2 lovely daughters, Tiany knows exactly what little fashionista's want ! 

Thank you ladies, for the invitation - you're both precious to me.

Check out the collection in their Antwerp store (or any other store around the world) or shop in the cosy environment of your home online 

Barbie was eagerly waiting to get dressed in a lovely Essentiel outfit ! 

time won't give me time 


 in time
It could have been so much more
The time is precious I know
In time
It could have been so much more
The time has nothing to show

Time won't give me time

today I'm wearing :

easter monday look

dinsdag 22 april 2014

easter monday look

easter monday look by pomeline-duchesse featuring v neck tops

Check out my next most recent blogpost to see these IRL

H M v neck top
$13 -


Zara scarve

Obsessing about lilac hair

hope you all had a great weekend ; I'm off to the coast for a couple of days to shoot and work on my portfolio for school. Saturday I will have my first {pregnant} couple to pose for me too. I'm super excited but a bit stressed too. Anyway, this will be an opportunity to work with people, situations and how to direct them in pictures without having over-posed images. 
Talk to you soon ! 

photography #1

vrijdag 11 april 2014


My life has changed so much in 2014 ; going back 'to school' again gives me so much energy - it's like all these good vibrations were hidden somewhere inside of me but dozed off somehow and needed to be kissed awake again by a knight in shining armor.

So the other day I was thinking, why not share some of the best things I already learned and discovered myself, who knows, it might come in handy to pimp your holiday snap shots.

Invest in a good body lenses

Many people think an expensive body makes better images. Partly true but not completely. 
If you own a reflex camera and it works just fine ; perfect !
If you're planning to buy one but your on a tight budget, why not consider a good second hand body ?
The body is mainly your work instrument ; look up your manual and make an effort reading it. Note down the main functions of your camera, get to know it and don't be afraid to touch buttons.

Most cameras come with a standard zoom lens, for ex. 18-55mm or 17-85mm.
These are okay and nice to work with but I personally experienced way more interesting pictures with my focal 35mm and 50mm length objectives. Invest in these kind of lenses. You won't regret it. 

What makes a wide angle lens unique ? A common misconception is that wide-angle lenses are mainly used when you can't step far enough away from your subject but still want to capture everything in a single camera frame. Unfortunately, if you were to only use it this way, you'd be really missing out out ! Wide angle lenses are often used the opposite way, when you want to get closer to your subject. So what I'm telling here is, it's you who needs to do all the movement, instead of your camera. 

On top, you need to think more carefully about your composition as these lenses create more space in your images. Try to search for some visual lines and a relevant forefront ; they will help you to accentuate and keep your composition together. 

To inspire you, type Lucien Hervé via Google and click images.
Because 1 image will explain more than a 1000 words.


Mr C always asks me what to bring home for me from his business trips. First of all, I like him to come home to me :-)
The extras are very welcome too of course !

Just as it happens, Garance Doré, one of my biggest inspirations, posted this same bottle on her Instagram account yesterday ! A sign !
I've always admired her for her impeccable taste. And I'm not disappointed, the 1996 smells like heaven. Powdery and mysterious. Subtle and grand at the same time.

Mr C got it here - a must-visit when in Milan.

As I am often on the road these days for my assignments for school, easy footwear is a must.
I really can't work in heels, carrying loads of stuff like my backpack and tripod (+3 kg !)
Imagine me running on my 11 cm heels, cobblestones and all, and then getting trapped with my heel like J'Lo in that movie, The Wedding Planner ! 
I'm not worried about scraped knees and ripped jeans ; it's my equipment I'm protective about. 
I would literally die if one of my lenses would break.

Can you feel I'm obsessed with photography already ? ^^
Have a great weekend you' all ! 

get your Adidas sneakers here

finally Ashish is available at Renaissance in Antwerp !
These hand sewn clothes are fabulous and make a statement in anyone's wardrobe ! 

I love to travel abroad but there's just 1 thing I wish I could take with me ; our bread and pastries. When in Paris, the choice is quite similar to our flavours - maybe just a little more sugary and sweet - but bread wise, my country rules !
I just LOVE bread and all it's varieties we can choose from : my husband and I always joke that one day, when we are old & wise, we will move to Italy and live there until 'death us do part' ..
We can see ourselves having a house somewhere in Tuscany and I would run a small shop - imagine that wonderful shop Vianne had in the Chocolat movie - filled with racks of freshly baked breads and artisan homemade pies.

I could totally see me do this … now I just need to find that dream house and start baking !
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