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maandag 29 augustus 2016

Ibiza has some great beaches ; the best are actually small and sometimes well hidden, some became popular must-see spots through the years. 

When I purchased Anne Poelmans guide for Ibiza last year, I followed many of her advised hot-spots but the one that really stood out for us was Experimental Beach. And once again, it did not fail ; this must be one of the most beautiful places near Las Salinas. 
My pictures have the most amazing light and colour ; we are truly in love with this fabulous place.
On top of that, they offer a nice variety of well made cocktails ; what's not to love about this place ?!

It can be quite crowdy during the high season so if you can, try and book your stay in May or September (or even October) ; it will be easier to backlog a table for lunch or dinner (anywhere).

I forgot the name of my cocktail (right) but I'm pretty sure it has vodka and lemon mixed in it. Anyways, try whatever you like, you won't be disappointed !
During the day I always try to find a beach that's nice and deserted ; even during our (high season) stay in August, we managed to find the cutest pebbled beach ever. It's situated in the South-West of the island, namely Cala Moli. I already mentioned the beach is filled with pebbles (no sand) so you might expect some difficulty getting into the water ; bring along water-sandals and your day can't go wrong ! 

this cutie kept us company

Platges de Comté was also on my list after seeing it on a Dutch documentary about Sunset Ashram ; unfortunately, cars were lined up so far on the road, I actually called it quits and made a U-turn. This is the result of being a hype and luring tourists into a place that once belonged to the original hippies ; I actually felt a bit ashamed. The spot was so overcrowded it almost felt like disaster tourism.

I'm glad we did discover the whole island by car, so we can think about where to live in the near future.
We are planning to move abroad for some time now and in about 3 years time this is actually going to happen for us.
So, we might as well be thoroughly prepared before making the actual move.

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Ibiza 2016 - tips & hotspots

vrijdag 26 augustus 2016

Many people text or send me a message whenever I come back from a trip or holiday, asking me about hotspots and places to see. I just came back from another Ibiza trip and I must say I enjoyed it - once again - SO much ! 

When I booked my flight, I also got the chance to book a car at an interesting rate and on top, they would deliver the car of my choice at the hotel. As I don't like to stress about anything on holiday, I was very happy to experience a correct deal with the people of Sunny Cars. The car was delivered on time at our hotel so we could drive off about 10 minutes later. I just LOVE exactitude so much I literally started clapping hands when reception called me at 09.59h.

One of the places I want to recommend is The Giri Café in the village of San Juan ; discovered it just by driving around, stopping by because its public square looked so pretty and my curiosity led me to the back of this beautiful café into their garden.
Such bliss !
People mostly recommend La Paloma in San Lorenzo - I totally understand, it is an amazing spot to eat - but I'd like to keep my eyes and mind open for undiscovered gems.

left : I took a salmon bruschetta - right : the amazing view of the garden

The food at Giri was honest and made with love and the garden is absolutely pretty and chill ; the perfect place to stop by and enjoy an afternoon lunch. Please order a glass of their white wine .. it's dry and fresh and amazingly good. 

I literally left this place with such a great feeling ; it amazes me sometimes how way more popular restaurants or bars attract so much people while service and friendliness are beneath contempt and make you wanna put a gun to your head (excuse my French). 

Normally I would not spend energy on dragging a place down but when you expect everything and get sh*t instead, I just can't help but warning you guys, what to expect.
I booked a table at Es Torrent 3 weeks before date ; I booked it because I read so much about it, it was even recommended by chef Sergio Herman (the owner of The Jane in Antwerp). I admit we were a bit early but this has never EVER have been a problem anywhere in the world, as we wanted to enjoy the scenery with a glass of wine (it was apéro-o'clock after all) so we could wait until our table would be ready. 

We were banned to the 'salon'  .. we had to fetch our drinks ourselves at the bar  because they did not serve at the salon (a mere 5 feet away from the tables) : when we asked if our reservation was actually confirmed, the guy at the booking desk reassured it if there would be a table free before our booking time, we would get it. 
And so we waited and time went by, we saw total chaos and empty tables .. but no one took the time or energy to ask if we were ok. At this point we started to get that awkward feeling 'this is never going to turn out right' ..

For the record .. I'm not a complaining person, I'm actually very patient and sweet and will give everybody the benefit of the doubt .. but .. this was booked by me for our 10 year wedding anniversary  and when you get that awkward feeling you are just a number and they just don't care and sentences fly around like 'the waiter is the boss', ' your reservation is actually a table on a waiting list'  .. 
I'm like .. ok thanks (in my head I said fuck you very much, talk to you never) 

My point is, when a spot gets so popular & the people who work there are just robots and you get treated like poop  .. I wanna run, real fast. And so we did. 

Why am I telling you guys all this ; the island has some AMAZING unknown spots yet to be discovered, where the food is brilliant too (or even better) ; I love the feeling when I wanna hug the waiter because he/she was so sweet. Avoid popular and overrated places and discover small/new eateries instead ! 

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Experimental Beach cocktails
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Just a quick photoshoot of my new fluffy knitwear sweater ; I really love the loose knit and color here. It makes me crave Autumn - my favorite season - although I still need some vacay badly.
For me, a holiday is the best time to resource and reinvent myself ; new ideas come more easily when  distant from my daily routine. September 1st is to me what  New Year's day is like to other people - it's the perfect moment to reboot myself, start with a fresh slate, sharpen my pencils.

So, I'm very much looking forward to catch some extra sun and energy but also can't wait to 
restart the new year.

What about you ? When is your perfect moment during the year ?

Lace & Mohair

vrijdag 12 augustus 2016

I've finally found a discrete but very nice bustier to protect my modesty underneath my bridal dress next week. We are planning to renew our vows with our 10 year anniversary ; I've found the cutest midi dress but have to admit, it's quite bold. It has a plunging neckline and although it stays nicely in place, I'm not that confident it will hold during the day. I'm quite an expressive person with my arms - imagine Italian gestures and shifting from left to the right in a split second - we don't need nipple slips or other embarrassing moments .. :-)

& Other Stories has a very nice underwear range every season ; they have the most perky choice for their FW16 collection and I was lucky to find this lacy bra in my size. Couldn't also resist to ferret around the store ; the grey mohair knit seen in the picture above .. OMG, it was love at first sight ! Just can't resist a nice knit in any shade of grey.
I plead guilty ; this is my first Winter item and it's not even September yet !
I'm pretty sure you guys would love to wear this chunky sweater on a silk(y) long pencil skirt !

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knitwear Stories

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