Isn't this a stunning scene ? I just can see myself organising events like these in a few years time. 
Mr C and me plan to move abroad in about 5y time, somewhere sunny and peaceful.
Tuscany (or some nice place in Italy) is on our top 3 list. By then I'll probably have finished my studies digital photography and will be a full time professional photographer. 
I've succesfully ended my first module last week, got my degree and now I plan to move on to the next level ; processing and photoshop.
But first things first ; holiday ! 

In between, I'll work on photoshoots as planned and enjoy a trip to Stockholm and Taormina (Sicily)

What are you guys up to these upcoming weeks ? 


I'm one of those people who hit the stores to catch a good sale and finally end up buying new collection. But this time, I have to admit I found a real good bargon, something timeless and chic.
I was lucky enough to find these nude patent Saint Laurent heels in my shoe size.
The height is just perfect, not too low and more important, not too high !!
The love for nude shoes started a couple of years ago ; they match anything (compare it to a white blouse or shirt) and most importantly, they make my legs look longer ! Wepa !

So maybe I'm not a die hard sales hunter but I know when something's good, it's really good.
Better to find 1 good piece than overrated stuff no one else wants, even when it's tagged -70%.

Being a sucker for Isabel Marant items, I'm very glad to say I've purchased (here) this Revolution sweater in 2 colors ; clean greige and bold royal blue.
IM sweaters are perfect, you can wash them as much as you want, they keep their shape and quality. On top, it's such easy and #cozygirl wearable, I just know I'm gonna be living in those for months to come. So I see them as a good investment!


the quality of my pictures is not that good (sorry, took them with my phone) but it shows how happy everyone was with the treasures they found !

This weekend I participated with friends Catherine and Magali at the Goegekregen market near our local concerthall. Sun was out and loads of people came along to search for nice stuff at low rated prices. Another man's trash is another man's treasure !
And so we began early to set up our clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories and boy, was I in for some hard work !!
I imagined having a relaxing day, easy and enjoying the nice weather, sipping on a soda pop ; hell no .. all these women came along, really early (like pro's, they just know the best stuff is found before the market even properly starts) and purchased almost everything from my little 'store' ..
Very happy I have an extra budget now the sales are starting.
Wepa ! Must go out and find that perfect bikini for my trip to Sicily pretty soon !

Did you Belgian followers watched the game yesterday ?
How intense and thrilling was this game between BEL-RUS ?
So glad we made it to the next rounds ! Thanks to wonderboy Origi.


get these here {similar} or here 
I tried these flats a couple of months ago and I guess I was just not ready to show my 'glow in the dark' white feet  back then. Now private sales have started and similar shoes popped up on almost every trendy Instagram account and blog, my doubts disappeared like snow in the sun.
For me it's also very important to take care of my feet, have a monthly pedi and a nice polish to make the look complete. 

I also started a fitness/burn fat regime this week.
I challenged myself to be bikini ready in 8 weeks time !
So far, everything's good and I'm happy to say I'm not totally crap at running and working out due to my stamina.
Are you guys doing a routine to get in shape before you hit the beach ?


Totally see me wearing this combo in these upcoming weeks : 
easy but trendy flats (Isabel Marant) - loose fitting tunica (H&M) - nice vintage sunnies (Porsche design) - a lovely scent by Byredo — a powder pink clutch (Balenciaga) - a chunky watch (Chanel)

But first my exams today, after that +2 months of freedom and travelling !
Can't wait ! 

photography #4

maandag 16 juni 2014


Objects are easy to find ; in fact, you can photograph anything you want or like.
Once you start working with real models, I just guess you need to be sure your social skills are accurate. It's important you direct the person in front of you in such a way, he or she knows exactly what to do, what pose to strike without looking stilted or artificial.
Smiles aren't neccesary for good images ; they often look foppish and strained.

A good way to get a true radiant smile is to talk while your working, small talk but always ready to hit that button (I always use my burst setting) ; succes guaranteed to get that 1 striking picture.


Found it ! 
When I checked out our new Lakstore last Wednesday, I finally found the one and only nail polish I lusted for, for SO long !
Don't you just love these pimped up - chromed out nails ? 
I can't wait to see it when I get a nice tan this Summer. 
Silver always looks better on a sun kissed skin ; meanwhile I'm enjoying a Magnum with silver choc coating ! Yummie ! 

It happens every decade I discover a magazine I really REALLY want to have every time they announce their new issue is available. Until now, I've ordered HELLO MAY online but I really don't care !
This is such a feast for the eye, full of visual inspiration ; a true dream for any aspiring photographer.
I'm not a certificated photographer yet and although you really don't need the specific degree (here) to start your business, it takes a lot of skills to capture a wedding like this ! 

{all images via http://hellomay.com.au}

                         #homesale #CleaningOutOurCloset #VideDressing #PrivateParty 


Time to ditch the black and dark grey tones ; Summer season is finally here and I think I found the perfect color for it !
Sand_Tropez is a greige nude tone that will match any Summery outfit just fine. 
I don't want to wear mints or pinks at this point (at least, not yet) and like to keep my nails clean, short and elegant at the same time. My trick here, what would Grace Kelly do ?
As it happens, Saint Tropez is not that far from Monaco and I'm pretty sure Grace would approve totally if this color would have been presented to her.

My nail regime is pretty simple. I like a clean look: try and find a professional manicurist. This person must know what he or she is doing ; cutting cuticles is a precise job and if not done in the right fashion, dangerous and painful. Filing nails, soft scrubbing and a handmassage must be included in your manicurist's handling. If not, go find yourself a new therapist. 
If the job is done right, treat yourself to a monthly appointment. 
In between sessions, you can scrub your hands twice a week and rub them with the best of the best hand creme every day ! 

When I use nailpolish I always make sure to use a base coat : your nails will love this little seal of protection and won't get this ugly yellowish haze.
Especially women using red nail polish must keep this in mind ! 

My favourite brands are Kiehl's * Essie * Essence


Voor de Belgische of Nederlandse volgers van mijn blog :
ik ben op zoek naar 18+ vrouwen die flink getattooĆ«erd zijn - vooral op de armen {sleeves} - en die het zien zitten om maxiaal een uurtje of 2 te poseren voor mijn lens.
Zoals jullie weten studeer ik digitale fotografie en zoek ik regelmatig mensen die voor bepaalde oefeningen en mijn portfolio willen poseren.

Voel je je geroepen om mij hierbij te helpen en er een paar leuke shots aan over te houden, stuur me even een berichtje via de comments onderaan deze blogpagina.


get it here 

It's the disease of the age
It's the disease that we crave
Alone at the end of the rave
We catch the last bus home

Corporate America wakes
Coffee republic and cakes
We open the latch on the gate
Of the hole that we call our home

Protect me from what I want...
Protect me protect me

{from Protect me of what I want by Placebo}

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