About me

The Chateau for cocktails
the Courtyard at 9
Dan Tana's for dinner, the Helen's divine
You know I have found, 
the word's going round
They all say my feet never do
 touch the ground
What ?!
I am a good girl ..

seriously, I love people that inspire, people who can teach me something, the art of minimalism and the geometrical.
innovation and not imitation, a good book, a well directed movie, I have a crush on Bryan Ferry circa 1979,
Winona Ryder has the best short hairdo ever, I hardly ever drink alcohol but love a good cocktail, I like my nails short, my eyes are greyish with a hint of green, I love to play a game of Wordfeud but PacMan is my alltime favourite, I never owned an iPhone got my first ever iPhone in 2016, as a teenager I had posters of Marilyn Monroe on my bedroom wall and a giant film poster of Richard Gere in American Gigolo, I asked my mother for a gigolo as a birthday present for my 18th. 
My biological dad is a singer/songwriter but we never met. 

Started blogging in 2008 for facesandplacesofantwerp.blogspot.be 'till 2011 ; restarted with a cleaner, purer look in 2013 with See you at Nine. 

What about you ? 

questions ? mail me

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