CNC dress ... school uniform dark blue is back

zaterdag 31 augustus 2013

The good thing about quality brands is, they can hang in your closet for years and then they pop up again because trends tend to come back every now and then. This dress is the perfect late Summer dress ; soft, feminine and easy to combine with a nice glittery heel and Vanessa Bruno cabas.
As dark uniform blue is one of the trends this AW sesaon, I'm a very happy to pull this Costume National dress out of the dark caverns of my closet once again. The lacy part of this dress is the reason I fell for it. It makes a demure dress sexy and feminine.

dress Costume National (old)
shoes Mellow Yellow similar here
cabas Vanessa Bruno here

Hotel Capri Tiberio Palace

vrijdag 30 augustus 2013

My latest trip to the isle of Mykonos was amazing but one of the best places I've ever been so far was the isle of Capri.
Every time I check into a new hotel, wherever around the world, a little voice in my head always seems to compare the discovery of a new room with that room in Capri. The terrace of this amazing room in the Tiberio Palace was the best I've ever had. The view was amazing ; the pics above show you how beautiful and fairytale my night view was .. 
I later on discovered the setting of this hotel is frequently used as a decor for fashion photoshoots.
No need to ask why ... it was just perfect .. 

Discover more about the hotel here 

Matthew Williamson wallpaper

vrijdag 30 augustus 2013

After 15 years in fashion, Matthew Williamson collaborated with Osborne & Little for his first ever wallpaper collection. His love of colour, pattern and texture can be found in this exquisite range for one of the leading brands in interior decorating goods. Being a master of print, Matthew was the excellent choice to participate in this project. His refined yet spirited sense of glamour is known by his fans who will be delighted to discover this cooperation.

Diana & Naomi

vrijdag 30 augustus 2013

Having  been a fan for more than a decade, you might think I would look forward to this Diana movie coming out soon. Honestly, I can't tell if I really want to see it at all. Who is actually waiting for this kind of movie ? True fans all over the world accentuate to let Diana rest in peace. And I couldn't agree more.
Sure, I have watched the trailer ..
Naomi Watts seems like a very nice person in real life, being a very dedicated mom to her sons and husband. Somehow, I can't see the resemblance between her and the Princess. Except for the signature blond hairstyle, they have nothing in common.
I wonder if the movie will be a hit or not. Time will tell.
Everything Diana touched, turned into gold. But are we still interested in this fairytale princess who's life was more doom and gloom than anything else ?

I might visit the spot in Paris over and over ; maybe place a rose on the golden flame statue, near the tunnel wear Diana's life ended so abruptly .. but watch a movie based on hearsay .. I don't think so.

I rather focus on the future, watch a true happy couple such as William and Kate and their newborn babyson George. Kate seems more real to me and as she watched the drama from the sidelines and later on, knowing what really happened from the closest of sources, her husband, she will protect her privacy by all means.
We don't need to know private matters of a person who paid her way to eternal glory with her own life.

As we come closer to August 31st, all I want for Diana to leave her in peace.

Something blue ..

dinsdag 27 augustus 2013

Some things never go out of style ; my LBD by Diane von Furstenberg for example. It has mesh pannels and let that be just 'in style' right now.. Had that dress for so many years and it's still a wonderful piece. It does not need much extra : just a statement ring or bracelet and some heels. Works every time.
Also found this mongolian fur tote online ; am obsessed with it. The deep ombré ox-blood red is fab !
For those who think it's too much (or too big) ; it also exists in a smaller clutch version.
You can find it online here 

Over the knee boots ... {how to}

maandag 26 augustus 2013

Over the knee boots can look very tacky if not teamed with the perfect outfit. Miranda Kerr shows us just how to look picture perfect and stylish ; not cheap at all. Get the look for less and shop these boots at River Island

Cop Copine ; the best asymmetric skirt so far

zondag 25 augustus 2013

Browsing all styles and new clothes for this AW 2013 season, the asymmetric skirt or skort is by far the most wanted item on everyone's list. Seen a zillion times on streetstyle blogs around the globe and probably the best sold skirt by Zara.
I have to admit ; the white Zara one was the perfect skirt meets short for my Summer break ; easy to walk, jump and explore hard-to-reach areas in Mykonos.
Loving the trend but not wanting yet another hyped (seen on every single blog) kind of outfit, I've been taking my time of at home, to search the www extensively.
The skirt seen in the pics above is just perfect ; black - printed and edgy.
Hoping to find it online real soon (or in Paris, offline maybe) - I really like to make it mine pretty soon.

check it here

Can't wait 'til September ..

zaterdag 24 augustus 2013

Still on the mend from my surgery this week ; can't wait to hit the shops again. I played with my favorite online stores and managed to create this look for the upcoming season. The layered skirt is a great basic piece to match all kinds of items ; sweaters, t shirts for warmer days, blouses.

Black stockings to rock a more sophisticated look or team with some edgy colourful ones to make it look younger and fresh. Whatever suits your style of the day.

Easy dressing after surgery : a message of awareness

donderdag 22 augustus 2013

As you might have noticed if you watched my Instagram shots, I've been down and out for a couple of days. I had this operation planned a couple of weeks before my Summer break : best idea ever to make that decision. You're less stressed, your state of mind is better prepared ; all together you must work out what's best for you when life changing things happen such as surgery.

I want to make women aware on the importance of regular check ups and visits to specialised doctors. When genetic circumstances are a caution to have regular examinations ; do it ! From my own experience I can tell it's better to be safe than sorry. My mother passed away in 2001 from ovarian cancer and ever since that horrible experience of losing my mom at such a young age, I've convinced myself to be more aware of my own body, to listen to it and have 6 months' check ups from that moment on.
After almost 12 years my gynaecologist and I decided to remove my left ovary as it had shown an abnormity. I can tell you now I'm overjoyed the result came back as benign and am recovering well from my operation.

Just like Angelina Jolie did a couple of months ago, all I want to say is that you as a person are very important to the people you love and I'm pretty sure when you have a daughter of your own, you wouldn't want but the best for her. Being there for her, as a mother as long as you can, and giving her as much information about genetic conditions that might lead to cancer. What Angelina did was so brave and amazing for all women around the world to make them aware you don't need to be afraid to be precautious and preventive.

If you have any questions about this subject, please feel free to ask or share your thoughts.

PS I did only loose an ovary, not my femininity nor my dress sense. I'm wearing a loose Isabel Marant dress today, Chanel ballet flats and bangles in my ears, so you know ..

Vanessa Bruno : her style and famous cabas

maandag 19 augustus 2013

look from the Vanessa Bruno AW 2013-14 collection

Totally love this VB outfit above ; the assymetrical skirt (or skort) - pinstripes - white, black and blue detailing. I've done some shopping today ; adding a leather Vanessa Bruno cabas (= tote) to my handbag collection and inspired by this look I'm pretty much satisfied with the look I went for .. see all details in my moodboard down below .. do you like it ?

The Kooples .. finally !

maandag 19 augustus 2013

Hopland, Antwerpen (B)

Always fun to rediscover your own town after a Summer break abroad ; somehow, new shops and new collections rise up and I'm particulary thrilled to see The Kooples finally will land in Antwerpen.
I've loved this label for the longest time and only had the chance in buying their goods offline in Lille or Paris. Of course they have their online store but I still get more kicks out of feeling and trying on their collection IRL.
On top of that, don't they have the coolest ads ever ?
They manage to find the hottest couples to pose for them ; already saw this image on their website and this one really represents what The Kooples stands for.
Rock 'n Roll chic with that 'je ne said quoi' air only seen in Parisian streetstyle .. a modern version of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin.

Can't wait for this walhalla of coolness to open very soon !

Fashion hotspots in Mykonos town

zondag 18 augustus 2013

This beautiful shop holds names like Chanel, Tom Ford, Christopher Kane and John Galliano. The super friendly sales assistants are happy to help you to make that perfect purchase. Also very helpful to answer your questions online. Worth a visit.

Linea Più, 24 N. Kalogera, Chora, Mykonos 

Apriati has the most amazing jewels made in gold. Little spoons, fish and feathers are the main subjects for this beautiful collection. If a visit to Mykonos is not on your immediate 'to do list'- they have a Paris shop too !

Apriati, Cavo Tagoo, Mykonos 84600
Apriati 54, Rue du Four, 75006 Paris

Vintage and luxury lovers, behold !
This superb shop will make any fashionista drool ! Vintage or secondhand Chanel bags, an opportunity Hermès Kelly bag, Hermès scarfs, Gucci .. you name it ! Pop in several times whilst visiting the town, cause the selection chances very quick ! Don't hesitate either if you want to be a Chanel bag owner. That dream purse might be gone the next day ..

The Curiosity Shop
Alefkandra, Mykonos - contact :

Think Twice as Nice but more beautiful ! And they have a lovely selection handbags and purses too.
Ekaterini is your shop to buy cute bracelets with the typicial 'evil eye' charm, but in a less 'tourist' way..

Ekaterini, Matoriannh 84600 Mykonos

Whilst strolling through Mykonos town you will see many handmade sandal shops. Look no further, the one and only shop you need to get in is Mykonos Sandals shop just around the corner of Little Venice. (you might take a rest there too after you're done shopping) The lovely sales assistant lets you try all sandals you want before making your choice. My favorite shop for sandals by far as you immediately can see and feel this is the best handmade quality. I never took them off for my beach walks and daytime outfits. Highly Recommended !

Mykonos Sandals
Little Venice, 84600 Mykonos

I love people who are accomplished handcrafted geniuses ! Ms Kontiza makes the perfect canvas totes I've ever seen. Handmade with love and excellent materials. I visited her in her upstairs shop and purchased my very own medium red and white stripy shopper.
Perfect accessory for your daytime shopping.

44 Matoyianni Str. Mykonos
email :

Next to Louis Vuitton you have the wonderful Enny Di Monaco boutique. Beautiful labels like Marni, Christian Louboutin shoes, Roland Mouret and L'Wren Scott to name a few ..
I've purchased a lovely Marni blouse at 50% (end of Summer season, yay !) and saw their new AW2013 selection .. amazing and again, super friendly sale assistants to help you out.

Enny Di Monaco
Tria Pigadia (next to Louis Vuitton store)


zaterdag 17 augustus 2013

Back on track

zaterdag 17 augustus 2013

Hey you guys,

I've been back from one of my best holidays ever. The fortnight spent in Mykonos really was amazing.
My Instagram followers have been showered in daily updates to see what was going on and what I was wearing. It always takes me a couple of days to adapt to another way of dressing as holidays are ment to be far more relaxing and less 'business' ..
So here I am, back home with lots of wonderful stories and I promise I will write a more extensive blogpost later on, to share what hotspots you must do and see when you decide to hit Mykonos island one day.

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