I remember a couple of years ago, Scott Schumann of the Sartorialist, posted some beautiful images on an event in New York (Governor's Island) about stunning men and women, dressed in vintage clothing and accessories. This one particular girl, had the most beautiful yellow dress and umbrella. 
Somehow, in my mind, I imagined what kind of sunglasses she would team with her red lips and how beautiful and perfect that would be.

Last weekend, I stumbled across this brand, Komono and found the most perfect sunglasses I've ever seen. I wear a lot of red lipstick these days and as I tried these on I immediately fell in love .. {try to stay of too heavy make up and stuff but the red gives an instant 'wow factor' to my face}

The best part was yet to come as the price tag was very friendly too.
They look chic and fancy, have this vintage look and match my MAC high energy lips just right.

So happy nice and classy does not always comes with a heavy price. 
Check out their website as they have a very nice collection to choose from. 
You can get your own pair here


photocredit Lolobu.com

Everyone in my family knows I'm a keen knitter. Although my workshop days are over, I still have fun making stuff for the people close to me. My stepdaughter asked me to make something for her own little girl as it was impossible to find something chunky and sweet for a 4y old girl and her tiny size. What I'm saying here is, I wasn't in any kind of knitting mood, but she triggered my knitting skills to get started again. 

As a photographer, you've always got loads of work and post processing stuff to do, but sometimes you'll find the time, in between shoots and assignments, to do something else. Hence the knitting needles.
And it's almost Winter after all, right ? 

So after I made the hat for Romy, I wanted to make that super expensive chunky jacket for myself. 
My friend Valery promised me to order one from me as soon as I made the perfect fit and model. And so I did. The wool is super soft and fluffy and as we speak, am currently working on that grey one for her. Hope she wants to pose with it as soon as it's finished ; I'll promise to share some images with you guys and girls. 

me and my chunky jacket teamed with an ACNE blouse


Finally found the time to start AND finish this wonderful mohair knit jacket.
Don't you just love the oversized fit ? When I first saw my friend Nathalie wearing her similar but VERY EXPENSIVE one last year  I knew I had to get (= make) me one some day.

And so I did. In about 3 nights, in front of the telly, I picked up my needles and wool and made this beautiful fluffy jacket. It looks a bit more pink in the picture ; IRL it's a soft lilac with a silky shine.

After I posted this on both my Instagram and FB accounts, my mailbox got bombarded by pretty pleases and if I would make another one for her and oh yeah .. her too.
Oh well, might as well enjoy it in between photoshoot assignments.
Here's the link where you can order the jacket. Currently working on a champagne colored model.
It's coming up online pretty soon.
{for orders outside the EU, please contact me first through the contact form here or in the store}

so proud of my jacket 
meanwhile, made another one in champagne ! 

#best #product #ever

Brought this home from Colette, Paris.
I really wanted to find out what this would do with my brunette locks, as I imagined this product would only do magic on blondes. 
It's amazing, just love it !

You can order yours here.
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