you can always find happy people at yardsales ! 

Let me grab the opportunity sharing 1 of my favourite blogs - and why not do so every Friday ..

Blogs are for me what magazines are for other people ; I do like my share of fashion mags but lately I've been investing in photo books. For me, as a student photography, my budget is well considered and I know I will have so much more from my photo books than any gossip mag or whatever can give me. But .. that does not mean I don't like to browse the internet .. hence my laptop and favourite blog(ger)s. Today I'd like to share the lovely Valentine with you guys. I'm pretty sure she will be known to most of you peeps but if you are not following her yet, please (read: move it move it move it) do so.
She gave me tons of dress inspiration already and today I like to dedicate my own style du jour to her latest blogspost. Got tons of scarfs myself, it's an addiction - don't save me - and somehow I never know how to style them because they make me look like the Queen. Not a good look - only works for Miroslava Duma.

Hope you like what I did with my own graphic print Hermès scarf .
Meanwhile I am wearing a linnen COS coat, ZARA jean, Bella Freud jumper, H&M sunglasses, Converse sneakers

Spring is here and a splash of sun makes everything look just a little brighter and happier.
Here in Antwerp we have a real terrace culture as soon as the sun hits the streets of our city.
People meet up at their local bistro or café, enjoy a coffee or beer and take time to actually absorb the start of a new season. 

When something is good, it's good. 
Let me bragg about the Isabel Marant sandals ; of all IM shoes I've ever worn, these must be the best ones ever ! Even though the heels are killer and considerably high, they can be your best friend for a night out. I mean, a night, starting from 8 pm 'till the wee hours. 
I must admit Marant shoes can be hell too ; the green fringe boots aren't made to jump for joy and make me wanna kick them in the farthest corner of the room. EVERY time.

Like these beauties ? Get them here before they go {I got me a size up, having a regular 38 à 38.5, the 39 fitted me just fine}

#Sunday #inspiration 

Another great place to have breakfast or lunch is Barnini.
Being a student again, my budget is not applicable for Michelin star places to have a meal.
However, living on a scarce budget makes a mind more creative !
So let me introduce you to this lovely and recently renovated coffee place, Barnini.
Situated near the Stadsschouwburg (theatre), this place saves students, actors and Dutch tourists from starving to death. Order the bagel of the week + cappuccino and you're good to go.
Totally love the erroneously put together crockery, the oldskool Nic Nac cookies and listening to Radio Minerva on their vintage radio while eating your lunch.

check out my Locals tab (seen above) to find out where this place is at


Voor deze blogpost wil ik ook graag een keertje in het Nederlands schrijven.
Toevallig las ik in de bijlage van de De Morgen, dat acteur Koen de Bouw, Barnini tot één van zijn favoriete koffiehuisjes rekent. En terecht. 
De vintage sfeer die bij Barnini hangt, Radio Minerva op de achtergrond (soms met gekraak en stuntelige DJ), de ouderwetse maar oh zo lekkere Nic Nac koekjes bij de koffie, maken dit een bijzondere budgetvriendelijke plek om te eten. 

Klik even op mijn Locals tab hier bovenaan om de juiste locatie terug te vinden ! 

Birds of Paradise exhibition at MOMU, Antwerpen


Today I want to share a lovely coffee shop with you guys. Katja runs the place since 2008 and counts many coffee drinkers to her loyal customers.
My personal choice is the pepperccino ; a nice strong coffee topped off with peppers and honey. 
People with a sweet tooth can also enjoy a piece of her daily homebaked cakes and pies ; just settle down in this eclectic interior. I'm pretty sure you will feel as much as home here as you would in your own kitchen.

#wanderlust #vaguer 

One of my favourite shops in Antwerp, Step by Step. Chantal & Julie are always so sweet and helpful so these warm words go out to them and their team.
Check out my Locals map in the tabs above to pay them a visit whilst visiting my hometown.

near the Kloosterstraat 

Statement tops are awesome. Great quotes on your chest, calling out at people. 
But then again, a surprise effect is also a very good idea. Hence my Filles à Papa check shirt.
In the front, a simple but nice shirt ; make a swirl and make an impression with the glitzy back.
Ooh's and aaah's guaranteed. 

Small fashion tip :
this somewhat tomboyish look (distressed jean and Stan Smith's) is easily transformed into a more party proof outfit with some heels. 

the nicest (blue) bags I've spotted this past week
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Meet India. My model of the day. We both like a hint of pink. And bling too.
We tested the Ombre Hair Chalk Set. 
Easy as a breeze. Add a 'fit for a princess' tiara and voila .. instant coolness.

find the Chalk set at Urban Outfitters
tiara Forever 21

I'm into pink. Anything pink will do. Blush, fuchsia, hot pink, coral, cerise .. 

Buttercups, cherry blossoms .. they almost look fake and showy. But only because they are so perfectly flawless. 

for my Antwerp followers ; buy these at

Don't you just love this extra detail ?
Any girl hearts a bit of Chanel, right ?

I applied Chanel's nr 219 Black Satin nail polish after my base coat {darlings, always use a base coat, specially when applying dark colors or reds}
I did 2 layers and let these dry thoroughly. 
Once you did the trick {press one nail lightly against your lips} and you feel they are ready for the next step, you can start adding these lovely nail accessories. Apply as mentioned and finish off with a nice and shiny topcoat ! 

Have fun girls ! 

This weather is making me frisky !
Normally we would be caved in snow or something but we actually had our first al fresco drink outside yesterday. I even heard people wanting to organise a BBQ, can you believe that ?
Oh well, so I thought to myself, why not be prepared for some more sun and Spring delight.
I've noticed these Marc Jacobs espadrilles a while ago and decided to go for the hot pink ones ! 
Now the only thing I still need is a nice pair of cargo pants and some shorts ..
Spring and sunny days ? Bring them on !

Near the MoMu, Nationalestraat Antwerp

#springcollection #ss2014 #hm

I knew I had to be quick if I still wanted to have a shot at this amazing starry print blouse from the new Spring Collection by H&M.
Although we have 3 H&M shops in Antwerp alone, there's only one to sell the limited selected store collection. As soon as I got the chance to go into town, the H&M store was first on my shopping list.
Luckily the blouses are very loosely and wide, even the smallest size would've still fit me just fine. (and that's all the sizes left at noon !)
Also picked the blush pink sweatshirt from the same collection ; this was exactly the colour pink I've been looking for, for the longest time.

Check out your local store or try online

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