Today I will follow a make-up workshop at MUD.
Am truly excited and hope to share my experiences with you all afterwards.
Hope to shoot some pictures too so everything makes more sense.

Am even more excited and nervous about tomorrow ; my first wedding shoot is finally here !
I will be the main photographer and not the back-up this time ! 
*saying a little prayer for myself*

Have a happy weekend you all ! 

photo credit by make-up designory

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Let me share my favorite blusher for Summer ; "Organza Coral" by &Other Stories !
As I'm not to keen to spend hours on a sun lounger but still wish to have a healthy glow, I'm using this lovely color to 'fake' a sun kissed skin.
Applied on my cheek bones, forehead and chin and a small amount on my nose, it looks like I spent a day or 3 at the French Riviera, without the damaging effect of the sun.

I never over powder my face (makes a 40-something look older instead of healthy) but gently touch up these areas in my face. Then I softly blend it with my fingers for that delicate touch. 

This blusher comes in many tones and if your skin is slightly darker, you might choose 1 hue darker to complement your face. 

Next week, I also will be up for my workshop at MUD.
Hope to inform you all afterwards with some good advice and tricks.
Especially my more mature followers, might get some interesting advice from my adventures from my MUD experience. 

MUD is situated at Kammenstraat in the Antwerp region
Check it out here

Last night, I had THE best meal in weeks since we visited the Jane. To be honest, I even liked these flavors and scents more ! Iranian born Sepideh opened her first wine bar // resto a couple of weeks ago and I was immediately intrigued how Iranian food would delight my taste buds.

Divin isn't a traditional restaurant ; no entrée, main and dessert kind of place .. you can order finger food, a main course and dessert you can share, depending on your appetite.
It all seemed so good on the menu, I wanted to taste it all.
And so we ordered Iranian wraps, pizza and crab to begin with.
As a main dish I choose lamb ; I can't remember eating lamb in such a delightful way. 
Honestly, I guess it was the 1st time someone made me slow cooked lamb like this ; it was heaven.

For dessert I had yoghurt with rose petals, rhubarb and pomegranate.
Most of the times, I'm pretty full and dessert makes me feel bloated but this was SO good, I really could have eaten another one. 
The petals covered in sugar, tasted like pink luxury chips. 

Hungry ? You can book your table at Divin by Sepi here 
Divin by Sepi
Verschansingstraat 5-7
2000 Antwerpen


a small impression on last Sunday's STULP event

My BFF Babs and I booked a spot for this event way before COF announced it's Major Closetsale.
We could only hope for dry weather {we got sun} and pray people wouldn't forget us at the Kattendijkdok in Antwerp. The STULP bar and it's surroundings are at a spot where you just have to drive or walk to, it's not on your average hiking path or somewhere in the middle of the city centre.

I feared the COF sale would be our toughest competition but luckily for all of us, this was not the case. People kept coming and actually stayed, strolling around the vintage/pre-loved market, having a drink, a haircut {oh yes} and something to eat. Babs and I had installed our sun loungers, had a nice chat with loads of unknown but sweet people and we even had a little betting game on the items and how quick they would sell ! 

We had a blast ; a friend of mine who actually got into the COF sale, called me around 3PM, the venue appeared abandoned and empty (only packed with disappointed 17y old fashionista's and their racks still filled with an overload of Zara stuff , Kenzo tiger sweaters and other stuff people didn't want to spend even 1€ on) .. So I guess, the gain was on us ! Kerching !

We will definitely do this again, at STULP or GOEGEKREGEN (same thing, different location)
in the near future.


Yay ! Friday again. can't wait for the weekend to start. My BFF Babs and I will do a yardsale-gone-big(er) this Sunday. 
STULP vzw organized a vintage & second hand market ; we all have some stuff we need to get rid off and so we cleaned out our closets and garages to attend this nice event May 10th.

For all Antwerp residents, a nice way to spend your Sunday afternoon ; strolling around the Kattendijkdok, have a drink or 2, nice music and maybe pick up a bargain from our stand.

Meanwhile, I saw this beautiful dress hanging at Ba-sh yesterday ; maybe Mr C will be so kind to come along with me and have his say on how I look in it. 
Love the gold embroidery and it's flowy look ; perfect for a Summer evening in Ibiza ! 

ba-sh Olsen dress {what's in a name, I can perfectly see one of the Olsen twins wearing this}


books ready to be signed

My man is THE biggest Paul Smith adept you'll ever meet. I can tell with certitude, he's wearing anything Paul Smith on a daily basis. Suits, shirts, cufflinks, shoes - you name it .. he has got it hanging in his wardrobe.
So, when staff from the Antwerp store shared a little secret Paul himself would come to visit our town, we knew an invite would drop in our mailbox pretty soon. And so it did.

Yesterday, the PS store was crowded with fans, lurkers and party crashers (I noticed at least 2 of those) and of course mr C, bringing his Led Zeppelin scarf along, hoping Mr Smith would sign it to make it even more special and rare .
Only 50 of these scarfs were exclusively made and he got hold of one.

Turned out Paul Smith is adorable and the sweetest guy you'll ever meet ; he even promised - after asking Mr C's email - to send him a picture of Jimmy Page (of Led Zeppelin) and himself. 
We headed home a bit starstruck but very happy ! 

the most inspirational stairway {to heaven}

amuses ! yes, we had fun too ! 

Sir Paul Smith in person, doing his thing ! 

the scarf became even more special 

Mr C and Mr S - twins ! 


We just booked our Summer getaway !
Can't wait to travel to Ibiza pretty soon.

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