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It's been a while since I've done a style update ; so here we go .. sharing a couple of my daily faves with you guys.
As you might know by now, I'm a keen knitter but sometimes a bit lazy. Why knit it when it's available -70% ? You're on board with me, right ? 

I just love chunky boyfriend cardi's and I have a soft spot for stripes too. 
I found this knitted cardigan the other day, it was the last one hanging in store in size 2.
Slightly too big but hey, that's how oversized boyfriend jackets must be.
I teamed it with a silky navy blue blouse {thanks to Katrin, who suggested to wear something silk with any chunky sweater or jacket on Instagram ; makes you look less bulky} - my distressed boyfriend jean and my new whiter than white sneakers.
Hurray for non-muddy days.

What's your favorite outfit to hang out or work in at home ?

cardigan : mes demoiselles
blouse : bellerose
jean : forever 21
sneakers : isabel marant


Sébastien, Melkmarkt 46, Antwerpen

Have been looking forward to this coffee shop ; yesterday it opened and today, my son Sebastian (what's in a name) and I had some drinks and muffins after school.

The space was previously owned by Switch (Apple store) so I was really curious to see how they would change the interior ; they did a real nice job. It's clean, open and I just love the lighting hanging from the ceiling. 

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photo credit designlovefest.com

I'm totally going for a very chunky white jacket this week. I've knitted some fine mohairs and angora's lately but now I'm totally handing myself over to big loopy yarn from LN Beanies ; they opened a pop-up store a couple of months ago and if you're quick, you can still get the latest from their collection and yarns 'live' at the Nationalestraat in Antwerp.
Sunday will be their last day at the store.

So, I might pop in once again to be sure I've stashed enough yarn and maybe a hint of neon pink alpaca too.
Of course I will share my finished product with you guys and hopefully you'll all gush over it once again, just like you did with the other sweaters I made previously. 

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Instagram accounts you all should follow

zondag 18 januari 2015

Hi, sharing is caring, that's why I wanted to show you an update of my personal favorite accounts on Instagram. Feel free to follow and enjoy their daily coverage of beautiful images, drawings and lifestyles.

Have a wonderful Sunday ! 


how long ? I have enough of this horrid weather ; give me crisp and cold any day .. 


Here's an update of my latest hand knit diy project ; I started this just before the new year and finished it just yesterday. Must say I'm incredibly pleased with the result, although I still want to adjust some minor details in the pattern. 

The sweater is slightly see-through, but can be easily worn with a nude top or silky blouse .. love the combination of luxury wools with silk and lace

For those who like to knit themselves, I'm seriously considering writing patterns of all my diy projects to sell them online.
Might take a little while as I'm currently in my exam time of year .. if you guys have any questions or suggestions on this .. let me know ! 


Snow is melting away and I don't know why, but to me it feels like Spring already.
My friend Karen brought some bluebell flowers along {so sweet of her}, good for some jitters in my belly to yearn for new beginnings and a new season.

I picked up work where I left it somewhere half December, put away all party hats and 
festive ornaments and enjoy the hours my family is at work and attends school.
Just me and the cats, my knitting needles in between lessons, mails and assignments.

Have to finish this new jumper I'm doing in a pretty beige mohair and a grey jacket someone
ordered for herself.

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Isabel Marant, designer of multiple fashion hits, tackled a new accessory in her collection last October. She launched 'la montre' {the watch} and has hit the must have button once again.

Since yesterday, I'm the lucky owner of this beautiful grown-up watch, that Mr C has bought me as a Christmas/New Year's present. 
So glad with  it ; it's minimalistic design matches perfectly a sporty daytime look as well as any chic LBD

get yours here or here 

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