dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

#hot #chocolat

For non-coffee lovers this might just be the next best thing !
Hot chocolate from Mary ; not only does it taste divine, the cup itself looks like a gem too.
Mary is available in Brussels and Antwerp.

For the love of Delvaux

best dressed of this Saturday !
Love the transparent Delvaux bag ! 


It's been a while since I've posted something on fashion or shoes.
Just wanted to share this image above of my latest pair of sneakers. I really am such a sucker for sneakers ; Isabel Marant did it again and added some great ' to lust for' items this season. Though these sneakers pretty much look like my Stan Smith's,  I totally fell for the IM ones immediately.
They feel super comfy and I really like the red metally color on the back.

Today I discovered Superga will launch some pretty fab sneakers too ; I just LOVE silver !
Suki Waterhouse poses in the most amazing outfit here, exactly how I would team them too.

Meanwhile, get your own pair of Isabel Marant sneakers here 

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