We are the Champions my friend

donderdag 29 september 2016

close up of my first Fall outfit for September

The latest hype ; a statement sweater by Champion. As I already own so many grey sweaters and hoodies, I did not hesitate purchasing this particular jumper in black. I've always had a fondness of mixing night blues with black .. makes it somehow looks more 
chic and less boring.

My bomber looks a lot like the one my husband has from ACNE, minus the exuberant price tag. And Other Stories have a great selection in bombers ; nudes, black or navy .. all great basic hues are available at a reasonable price. The quality is really great and doesn't look tacky or cheap like some other high street brands using plain satin fabric. 

sweater Champion at Renaissance (or online)
bag APC
t shirt Isabel Marant étoile 

Isabel Marant t shirt can be found at Graanmarkt 13, Antwerp

Solitude and working alone

woensdag 28 september 2016

Feeling a bit lonely lately ; have tons of work to do but all my assignments are not people-related, except for the models I work with on Wednesday night in the studio. 

Luckily, Antwerp has a lot of great spots to have lunch or a coffee to enjoy in- or outside. For me, this is the best time of year. Weather is still very nice but not heavy ; you can start wearing some of your new Fall essentials without sweating like a horse. I will be posting some outfits pretty soon so you can see what I preferred best out of all FW 2016 collections.

Teasing you already with one picture with my latest cross body bag by A.P.C. ; the half moon bag has been on my list for some time but I never found the right color in it (remember I was looking for a cute little burgundy bag like forever ) ?
It's somewhat funny I eventually purchased it in black .. been liking the tan one very much but I just know it will be stained within the week as I am a very careless person with bags and shoes. 
To avoid any headache about the bag, I decided to go for the black version in the end. 

Am not to unhappy about it. 


dinsdag 27 september 2016

Heard so many good things about Divers ; it just opened a week or 2 ago and I immediately fell for it's clean interior and concept. Finally a foodie bar with some healthy bowls and juices ; sometimes a girl just does not need another coffee bar in her hometown.

Today I tried the Hulk bowl filled with a healthy fix ; banana, granola, almond milk and spinach ! {flexing my biceps haha} 

Now I've tried one, I must admit they taste amazing and fill you up but in a nice way. Lately I have developed a dislike for excessive meals, too much meat and potatoes or pasta. It makes you puff up like a blowfish. So I'm changing my eating habits into healthy fixes, preferably with lots of green veggies ! Yum !

Absolutely Fab !

maandag 12 september 2016

** shown in red on the CC website 
a couple of years old but still pretty amazing
brand Mellow Yellow

Even though I'm melting away right now, I did buy some AW 2016 collection last weekend ; September and October are fully booked in our agenda's and Mr C and I needed some new clothes for upcoming parties, fare well drinks and a Fall wedding.
We are also headed for Barcelona next month, another engagement we need to attend looking sharp and nicely dressed. 
Mr C is a big Paul Smith fan, so this wasn't too difficult finding him a nice travel suit and some quirky accessories to team it. 
I'm always getting a bit nervous what to wear to formal occasions ; I don't want to give up on comfort, want my clothes to survive a whole day without creases and wardrobe fails. 
On top of that, I'm a bit of a chauvinist and try to buy as much Belgian  fashion as possible. #ikkoopBelgisch

The people of Renaissance know me pretty well ; never giving me that awkward feeling I have to buy something (perpetually a waste of money and ending up on a yard sale 6 month's later) but actually listening to what I want, what suits me best without losing on quality.

Sasha made me try an amazing skirt from Belgian designer Cédric Charlier ; a navy blue wool wrap skirt** with bow and I fell in love immediately ! We actually found the nude t shirt I was wearing perfect to match and we both agreed a bomber jacket (he knows I LOVE bomber jackets) would team it beautifully. 

Lately, Other Stories sells amazing bombers ; I already own a few but never had a navy blue before. Remembering they just launched a series of bombers, it did not take me long to find the perfect bomber jacket in the right color.

OUT magazine with an amazing spread on the Ab Fab movie
In between all these dates and events, I hope to get a chance to see the new Absolutely Fabulous movie ! So happy Patsy and Edina decided to make that movie ! 
Did you guys get the chance to see it already ? 
Thoughts ?

HM Studio 2016

donderdag 8 september 2016

I happened to get in time in store this morning for the HM Studio AW collection 2016 ; what a beautiful collection it is. Very boho-inspired, loved the wine red hues and applications and the crisp white shirts. 
Unfortunately, I own already SO many white shirts I forced myself not to buy it and went for the black lace blouse instead. I know for sure this lacy beauty will be perfect for a Christmas or New Year's party pretty soon. After all, time flies so fast I just know December will be here in a snap !

For now, still enjoying this Indian Summer vibe and sunny weather we are (finally) experiencing.
What did you guys get from this collection ? 
So curious to find out and see all your pictures.

Coffee break

dinsdag 6 september 2016

don't you just love reading a nice magazine and enjoy a good cup of coffee ? 

How to ...

dinsdag 6 september 2016

How to ...

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