The Chop !

donderdag 31 oktober 2013

Tonight I'm going for the chop. Want to get rid off my dull looking hair (it grows so fast, dammit !)
My inspiration for a good cut are look-a-likes Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan.
Athough I'm not a blonde (originally I am) I guess this look goes with any warm colour too.
Looking forward with excitement to see my own result.

Relations : why men convert to underexperienced younger girls and women become the ones that show how it's done

dinsdag 29 oktober 2013

Lately I've got hit by a new turning point in my life. Remember the day you discovered your first wrinkle ? That moment, that feeling. The invisible man with the hammer awaits me outside my door and hits me spot on. He nails that same feeling over and over again when he strikes.

A few decades ago, I was this young girl, pretty but very naive. I somehow knew that I did not owned the world and realized it would take me an older guy to teach me how to survive the adult world. Being just 19 at the time, I never had to worry about dress sizes, how I would look naked when the occasion arose when I would spend the night with a guy. I met this man, 20 years my senior and had some fabulous moments. Although the 'relation' was based on sex at first, we both discovered we could actually talk serious stuff too. He encouraged me to study History & Art and made me feel like a grown up woman. I can now also see his point of view that he himself needed a younger person to make him feel vernal.

Until this day, I never ever dated a guy that was younger or had the same age as I did. I found each and every person the father figure I lacked. On top, I knew that these men could fill up my rucksack of experience. Younger men never seemed to catch my interest or hold my attention.

Years went by, 2 marriages along the way and I altered from girl into a woman, with outspoken character and points of view.
Compare it to wine. The more dust the bottle gathers, the better the content.

The interest older men have in my appearance has gently disappeared. Of course you get the occasional glance from that nice 58 year old man when you wait in line at the butcher's and I have to admit it does not appeal to me that much ; I experience this uneasy feeling of pity rather than desire for wisdom and lust.

Now, remember the invisible man with the hammer ?
He hit me real hard the other day with this new phenomenon.

I was invited to a night out on the town, you know the drill…
Food, drinks in crowded rooms, friends and inconnues mixing and mingling.
Most of my friends are a bit older than myself (add the average of + 10 years) and I don't mind their company. I like the way they stand dans la vie, have the same appetite for the good stuff.
And then, out of the blue,  this 20 something guy, entered as an addition to our party. He and his friend were sweet and good fun and I have to admit, it added some vitality to our group.
And then the hammer hit me.

This guy actually showed an interest, in a charming but very subtle way.
I have to admit, I liked it and enjoyed every brief second his attention blew over the table into my face. Smack ! Hit ! Pow !
At first you start this little monologue in your head ; did I just sense this right ?
Oh My God ! Did anyone see or hear this ?
I spent the rest of the evening gazing at his chest just to avoid eye contact ; I felt adored, embarrased and bashful at the same time. Also experienced that shy ol' feeling you only endure during puberty.

So here we are. Me, 20 years older and being the interesting person who can teach a young stud a thing or two. Me and my rucksack full of wisdom, competency and skill.
I've become the mother figure who can offer more than any book or teacher could offer.
The one person that you always will remember as the nicest person with the most laughs. No strings attached. The man or woman that gave you a great gift, in any fashion or conception.

{I have asked myself the question if I was suffering from Cougar syndrome - I'll get back to you on that subject very soon !}

An 'in between' snapshot update from Paris

dinsdag 29 oktober 2013

Time to inhale some inspiration

vrijdag 25 oktober 2013

I am off for a couple of days ; can't believe how fast time flies. It's only been a couple of weeks since my last trip. Got my new camera in tow and worked out some of the settings to try out. 
On top of my new camera I am also very pleased to have set a date to subscribe myself in January for lessons in digital photography. 
My life is going to change a lot once my sabbatical starts. I can't express how much I am looking forward to that. Hope to make myself very usefull too, socially. I'd like to work with and for people that aren't as fortunate as we are ; Moeders for Moeders (mother for mothers) takes in volunteers that put up their sleeves and help out in their activities to make life a little easier for the less fortunate. 
So, I'm pretty sure I will bring some inspiring stories to this blog. Life is just a little bit more than fashion and streetstyle looks.

Beauty at 40

woensdag 23 oktober 2013

At 40, you need to take your beauty regime to a higher level. I'd like to share my personal favourites with you. These are as far as I am concerned basics every woman should start to hoard once the big 4 is in sight.
As your skin changes and dry spots appear, it's key to hydrate and soften your complexion. I discovered Bio Oil (1) at my local iU store and it's in my vanity case all the time. I never leave the country without it. Perfect for your body, face and hands. It's not over greasy and smells divine. 
As your skin changes and pores become more prominent, you might need to fill them up with Sothys (2) pore refiner. You need to use it underneath your tinted day cream. My daily wear is (4) Estée Lauder's Sheer tint release ; it actually adapts to your own skin tone. It's light, does not matten your appearance (which makes you look older anyway) and stays good all day through. 

My hands suffer the most, especially in Winter. I like to scrub them with the OPI mani scrub and treat them with (5) OPI Avoplex handcare. Hands denounce your age - might as well treat them with lots of respect. Make an appointment for a mani once and a while. Ask for good labels and indulge in a nice colour like Chanel's Black Satin (6) - love that extra shine and it's ever so chic! 

Don't overdo make up - this only works for models and 19 year old beauties. The older you get the less is more rule becomes more apparent at all times. You can of course emphasize on your best feature. My case, my lips are the ones to take the spotlight. MAC cosmetics has a super soft and creamy lip liner - pro long wear (3). Easy to use and by far, stays all day long (only 1 touch up a day .. how cool is that ?) 
My favourite red is High Energy ; you might remember this blogpost. 

HAY store (part two)

maandag 21 oktober 2013

Remember my blogspost about the opening of the HAY store in Antwerp ?
Finally found the time to snap a few shots of their beautiful loft inspired space.
Meanwhile I got me the 2014 weekly desk planner too as I'm counting days to eventually start my sabbatical.

Baby's cool day out

zondag 20 oktober 2013

Captured this after his mom came to my workspace. How cool are those shoes ? And yes, it's a boy wearing them. Attracted by the neon colour and his feet close to the breton striped jumper of his mom, I thought it was a great photo opportunity.
Luckily, I always carry a camera around so I asked her if I could take a snapshot.
I just love when women dress their kids in a funky kind of way. Especially boys. Too many people dress their sons in a dull way.
I guess I just couldn't resist taking a picture and share it with you.

You might find similar shoes here 

Minju Kim for H&M

zaterdag 19 oktober 2013

So happy to catch a glimpse of Minju Kim's collection for H&M.
Unfortunately for me, almost the entire collection had been sold out (but I'm so happy for Minju of course) ; luckily the store window showed a wonderful display of her creations.
Very proud she is a graduate of our prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerpen and pupil of designer and mentor Walter van Beirendonck.

Just your luck !

vrijdag 18 oktober 2013

Maybe you were already lurking online or at your local store to find these Prada beauties.
Well, it could be your lucky day as I am selling these sunnies for a reasonable price.
My dear husband brought me a similar pair from one of his business trips not aware of the fact I already had a model like this.
So convo me if you are interested or click Shop My Wardrobe if you are living outside of Belgium and like to pay via your Paypal account.
Fashionista's living in Belgium can also do the purchase via a bank transfer !

Get it before it goes ! 

A 'Prity' office look ..

vrijdag 18 oktober 2013

shoes River Island (currently on sale, yay !)
bag By Malene Birger
scarf Diane von Furstenberg
jacket (similar ones can be found at all high street stores)

Got a friendly message in my mailbox this morning. A friend and former co-worker of mine said she found this amazing red dress but did not know how to team it for a perfect office look.
Red dresses are fierce and inviting, even more so when they have a v-neck.
So my first concern was 'how do we cover up her modesty' in a chic way without turning it into a dull look.
Hence a funky jacket or blazer and a multi coloured scarf in a fine fabric, a wool and silk mixture, so she can leave the scarf around her neck without getting overheated.
Cover up legs with some nice stockings in a non itchy wool (H&M have great ones with some ultra soft fleece inside) and add some block heels to give you a nice posture and height without sending out an unwanted message. Keep stilettos for your date night out !
Add a large bag for your papers and stuff and add a mini bag if you are going out later on that evening.
Easy to grab your essentials in one pick ; no need to drag your work with you when you're going out for drinks.

The art of being Kevin Ricciolini ; cook, husband, Italiano, dreamer ..

woensdag 16 oktober 2013

Kevin Ricciolini, owner of restaurant De Mosselbeurs in Ostend 

What's your current obsession ?
Lady Gaga

What is your horoscope and do you relate ?
The first sign of the zodiac, Aries & the first in line to get things going. :) I don't really believe in it, but there are some related facts. 

What are you wearing today ?
Comfy clothes: Nike sneakers, Grey Jack & Jones sweater, blue jeans. 

What's the last thing you bought ?

Chocolates from the Chocolate Line, A jeans shirt from Zara. 

What's for dinner ?
  Tonight probably lasagna

What's your favourite decade, fashion wise ?
I like fashion nowadays...especially for men ; they can afford wearing a scarf, bag or a pair of Louboutins without being critized.

What are your fashion must haves for Fall ?
a plaid lumberjack shirt in a velvet fabric !

What would you be able to afford ? 
A toy poodle !!

What's your favourite piece of clothing from your wardrobe ?
so many! my oversized scarf from H&M, black leather jacket and a flower sweater. 

What's your dream job ?
Popstar ;)

What's your favourite book ? Or what book is on your nightstand as we speak ?
Steve Jobs, the biography.

What do you consider a fashion faux pas ?
socks in sandals !

Describe your personal style ?
umh, with a little bit of badass.

Which is your favourite Rolling Stone  ?
Rolling stone's? Who are they? 

Brian Lichtenberg T's and sweaters

woensdag 16 oktober 2013

As Fall continues it's daily routine of wind, rain and cold - we all wanna cosy up in jumpers and sweaters. Like someone mentioned on Instagram yesterday ; Yay, cosy fluffy jumper weather, finally !
Well, not that I or any of you were jumping for joy to be hit by drowsy raindrops every day, but I'm sure that person meant we might as well make the best of it and search for our best slightly oversized sweatshirt in the caverns of our closet.
Hence my Brian Lichtenberg sweatshirt ! 


Finally, chocolatier house Mary opened it's 1st store in my hometown last Saturday.
Here's some additional information about Mary (Marie) and her chocolate delights .. 

° 1919 and chocolate-loving Mary Delluc was keen to spread the word about her creations. 
° Mary made a wise choice, as the King travelled along the Rue Royale (1st location of her shop) every day and it was in the middle of a walk that was very popular with nobles and bourgeois people hoping to meet royal personages.
° Keeping a sharp lookout Mary made a list everyone’s favourite chocolates and kept this in a guestbook.
° Highly sophisticated, hand-crafted chocolate boxes, often covered with plain silk or painted, available in all shapes and sizes.
The windows have not been forgotten either, as they too may be considered as real works of art: layouts carefully adapted to the seasons, invariably offering different themes, as the months go by.
° Mary Chocolatier enjoyed an enviable reputation
° Other Mary shops opened, in the Rampe de Flandre, Ostend, Avenue de Littoral, Zoute, and, 46 Rue du Faubourg Saint–Honoré, Paris.
° Supplier of the most coveted Belgian and French customers.
° Mary Delluc, never got married
° Purveyor to the Royal House of Belgium.

the week seen in Instagram : garage sale finds and channeling my inner Liz Taylor

zondag 13 oktober 2013

the week a Nobel prize was given to François Englert, 
a Belgian theoretical physicist - 
Our football team The Red Devils are on their way to Brasil for the World Cup 2014 after winning against Kroatia - 
Orgasms were shown on Lars von Triers' Nymphomaniac movie pictures - Vogue celebrated 20 years of Victor and Rolf - 
Fall really hit us this week - I discovered this book Wheat Belly by Wiliam Davis, on how bad wheat and gluten are for you 
(true, after I ditched bread and it's carbs I almost lost 2 dress sizes !)

Personally, I was very happy to turn my 1€ garage sale find (perrot) into a nice scenery with colour co-ordinated candy - tried some of my Ciaté nailpolish and hologram leaflets - got this amazing grey wintercoat at Cos and found myself doing an Elizabeth Taylor - a like pose on Instagram (big hair, red lips and big bling) ! 
And how was your week ? 

And while you're at it, follow me on Instagram 
(equals follow back) 

get it now ... before it hits the Balmain shop

vrijdag 11 oktober 2013

Have to admit, the Balmain Spring 2014 collection is awesome .. had to note the metal toe cap booties down on my wishlist !
But impatient as I am, I noticed these flat boots, same metal toe cap, at River Island today !
Click-a-dee-clack .. I'm struttin' my stuff in these beauties tonight !

HAY store in Antwerp !

donderdag 10 oktober 2013

I'm extremely happy HAY chose my hometown to open it's flagshipstore. The HAY store lies hidden away but that doesn't hold back customers to go inside and walk into to this loft inspired space.
I'm sharing some of my favourite items here ; next week I'll be posting some pictures of the actual store itself ! Stay tuned if you're into Danish design and minimalism.

AN ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE GREAT POWERFUL OZ: I thought it over and green is dead 'Till I change my mind, the color is red !

dinsdag 8 oktober 2013

The most difficult lip colour is definitely red ! How many times have we girls made an utter fool of ourselves with half covered lips only leaving the edges slightly visible with run out red ?
God knows how much I've spent on expensive, cheap, promising and deceiving brands. Until now.
Already satisfied by their oak coloured lip pencil , I wondered if MAC had any red ones too.
And they did ; the sales assistant said she had an even better lip pencil to offer me. The pro long wear
lip liner feels smoother and actually does the job.
I applied it this morning and to my surprise it was still intact when I checked my lips after lunchtime !!
I'm eager to run to the MAC store again and buy all colours available in this crayon. So happy with it.

I'm wearing High Energy in the pictures above 

Cardamom cake with whole poached pears and white chocolate

maandag 7 oktober 2013

Sometimes I'd like to share a nice picture of my bakings on Instagram. Just like last Saturday. Reactions on my account and Facebook and Twitter page made me post this recipe. It's too good not to share it with you guys. Hence the recipe.

3 whole conference pears, pealed and stalk still attached
1 bottle of white wine
250g sugar
4 cloves, 3 star anise, 8 cardamom pods and 2 cinnamon sticks

for the cake

200g of soft unsalted butter
200g sugar
4 eggs
200g of self raising flour
1 tbsp cardamom powder
pinch of salt
and some white chocolate, in pieces

Poach the 3 pears for 30 minutes in a pan, submerged in white wine, sugar, cloves, star anise, cardamom and cinnamon sticks. Add 500ml of water.
After 30 minutes, remove them and leave to cool off. Put the fluid aside.
Preheat the oven 170°C.
Beat the butter and sugar till it's fluffy and creamy ; add all eggs 1 at a time. (only add the next egg till the previous one is completely absorbed)
Strain the flour, cardamom powder and salt ; add these to the batter.
Grease a cake tin and line it with some baking paper ; grease this too.
Pour the batter into the tin and push all 3 pears into it (see picture above)
Bake for about 40 minutes (check before you remove it, it could use another 5 minutes just like my cake needed some additional time)
Once ready, remove from the oven and let it cool off entirely.
When it's ready remove it from the tin and melt the white chocolate au bain marie.
Drizzle some from a spoon onto your cake.

Use the remaining wine fluid as a sauce ; boil it until it's reduced to half it's content.
When you serve a piece of this cake, drizzle some of the wine fluid on top.

Enjoy !

The Kooples

zaterdag 5 oktober 2013

So glad The Kooples store opened officially today ! 
Must say the shop looks amazing ; being more of an off-line shopper myself I am thrilled one of my favourite French labels finally hit my home town.
The concept of couples posing in their collections has been an instant hit from day 1.
Got myself a pretty greige blouse ; think Perfecto with the assymetrical zipper across my chest, unwrapped and made from a silk fabric.
Pics will follow pretty soon.

Bang on brown and that necklace again

vrijdag 4 oktober 2013

Fall is ready to stay ; crisp mornings and rain are prove of that. So I pulled out my cosy sweaters from the back of my closet. This cropped lurex/wool jumper is the best of sweaters to start with. It's cosy and not too warm ; we are keeping the Winter pulli's for the most wonderful time of the year, right !?
Teamed it with my Marni blouse and yes, that necklace again. Can't believe how many of you reacted with jump & joy to this piece of bling ! My Instagram account almost exploded !

Hey, and it's Friday, yet again. Wishing you guys a lovely weekend !

pull COS (last year's)
blouse Marni similar here 

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