Showing of these gorgeous mint and blue jackets ;
I currently like to work with more color although my latest jacket will be more natural with a hint of ombré

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zaterdag 21 februari 2015

from left to right :
my mint hand knit jacket, zara trousers and Isabel Marant sneakers
my hot pink hand knit jacket ; nail polish Casing Aqua by & Other Stories
blouse by HM and hand knit grey jacket I made for my BFF

These days, I share more often a daily inspirational picture on my Instagram account rather than blog about it. Call me lazy or just a person with a super busy schedule. Making sure my lessons and homework for photography school are done in time, work on assignments and make appointments with potential clients, knit in between shoots, take care of my family and household ! Hell Yeah !

So, excuse me if I post a fast picture on my Instagram account and skip a blogpost on my blog. You will all recognize the phenomenon promising yourself to spend just 10 minutes max on the computer and end up 4 hours later just gazing and clicking through blogs and inspirational pictures of fellow bloggers.

I'm leaving you guys with a small collage on here ; if we are not connected yet on IG, please take the time and do so. I promise to take a look into your account and who knows, I just might be your next loyal follower ..


Got brass in pocket 
Got bottle I'm gonna use it 
Intention I feel inventive 
Gonna make you, make you, make you notice

Brass is THE color this season ; I absolutely love to team it with some beautiful mohair or other delicate materials.
Today I bought this stunning copper top from the Magdalena collection, designed by Nathalie Lachat.
Actually, it's my second top in a brassy tone I got from her shop and I have to admit I really love this tone ; it's somehow warmer and richer than any plain gold hue.

Getting this item reminded I already stashed some nice slip-ons from HM last year ; normally, I don't do shoes from a chainstore as often quality and materials are poor. But the color totally persuaded me to buy them and they might be nice to wear from time to time {I imagined me wearing them in Summer, feet slightly sun kissed}

Here's some extra inspiration ; I'm pretty sure you'll fall for this beautiful copper too.

photo credits clockwise :
Marie Claire - - - - Bellerose


My Dutch Instagram friend Lot is coming to town ! Yay ! Being a veganist/vegetarian, she wants me to look out for THE best spots in Antwerp so she and her friend can have a decent meal.
Of course Lombardia is best known among veggie lovers, but hey, don't they say "a change of meal is a change of appetite"   

So, let's get this on and discover together with Lot some of the newer and nicest places in my hometown :

this organic and raw food bar the THE hotspot to be if you're into vegan food and healthy living.
It's situated in de Minderbroedersrui, so perfect if you're on your way to the MAS museum and want to have a lunch stop during the trip. It's only a 5 minute walk from the center and a real must try-place for people that are concerned about their food and well being. 

Little sister of Barnini, situated in the Quartier National, so a perfect hot spot for fashion loving coffee drinking people. I know they have a nice choice in bagels and if I'm hungry, I take the Simply B, perfect for vegetarians (not vegans).
The good things is it's super cheap and their coffees are to die for (my Instagram followers know this and their reactions to these coffee pics are always ebullient).
Also visit Garde Robe National and Julija's shop when you're here ; in March Clouds of Fashion will open it's new store too. 
The Nationalestraat is best known for lovely shops, Moroccan bakeries and pubs, as well as second hand stores like Jutka & Riska

Veronique Leysen has a wonderful space in Berchem where 2 of my fave things in the world are combined ; coffee and knits.
Luckily for people visiting Antwerp, she opened a second place, in the headquarters of KBC bank, where you can enjoy her presence, knits and coffees too.
No need to head all the way to Berchem, just take some cash from the ATM machines in the building, settle yourself in the cosy armchairs and enjoy !

De Broers van Julienne are known for ages in Antwerp ; I remember my mom used to get take-aways from their restaurant to enjoy at home. Lovely !!
Since a couple of years, they opened a little sister near the Nationalestraat, where you can enjoy a quick veggie bite or drink.
Situated in the Ijzerenwaag, you are also close to stores like Moose in the City, HAY and LOT.Antwerp in the Kammenstraat. 
Did you know the Kammenstraat was the 1st ever street/place to host Laundry Day ?

My most liked picture ever on Instagram, was the coffee I had at Caffè Noir.
As an eatery they don't specialize in vegan or veggie food, but I'm pretty sure they have something on their menu that will do. If not just go and ask for that delicious coffee from my IG account.
Meanwhile, while you're here, check out t Stad Leest bookstore, just across the street ! 

Kim Hertogs opened her bookstore meets coffeeshop at the end of last year and it has been a popular hotspot ever since. I did not get the chance to have a drink myself but I know they do serve lovely hummus sandwiches, so THE perfect spot to enjoy a book, buy a small present for your loved ones left at home and have that real nice coffee Kim made you herself. 
The Scheldestraat is near that other lovely place, Wasbar

Lot, I hope you'll have the best day ever ! Maybe, if the time is right and you want me to take some lovely pictures of you and your outfit that day, let me know ! 

For all other Antwerp and citytrip lovers, find out more on my Pinterest page ! 
Every time I enjoy a great space or shop, I'll tag it on here .. 


So happy with my new bracelet thanks to my BFF.
I guess I just nailed the statement piece look by matching it with my watch ; simple yet sophisticated.

Get your own here 
and order the watch exclusively here 

So many shades of #grey

I'm loving these pastels tones popping up in new window displays everywhere around town.
The brands I'm currently obsessed with are Magdalena, Isabel Marant and these hand knit jackets by .. me ! 

I've been on the outlook for a nice outfit for a few upcoming weddings pretty soon. As I really like these warm cosy knits and sweaters, I could totally see myself wearing these with a nice midi skirt.
Think Olivia Palermo's wedding and you have a pretty clear picture of what I like or want.

photo credits top down :
me on Instagram

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