Ultimate Vegas Outfit

zaterdag 30 april 2016

Ultimate Vegas Outfit

Just a fun post to begin the weekend ; what would I wear if I was to go to Las Vegas !?

I'd probably wear something nice and effortless like I always would. Some laid back black trousers with my latest favorite slip-ons from Cédric Charlier. On top a cool cotton glittery striped sweatshirt from Belgian brand Bellerose (oh oui, I'm chauvinistic and an ambassador for #ikkoopbelgisch), matched with my leopard print Summer coat from Ganni.
My latest 2 pack Sandro cross-body bag with golden chain would be just perfect for the occasion.

However, night time calls for a completely different outfit ! Bring on the bling and rhinestones baby.
This would be the perfect moment to finally wear my HM conscious collection silk skirt with embroidered rhinestones. A crop top to show of a bit of tummy and my reversible Isabel Marant bomber jacket when I'm leaving the Vegas stratosphere to find my way back to the hotel.
I always love me a cosy jacket on the ride back home ..
Oh and the shoes ! I did not mention the shoes yet !
A perfect pair of glitzy Gucci shoes to follow that yellow brick road to the end of the rainbow (hopefully filled with some $$$)

Alexander Wang crew t shirt
€155 - lagarconne.com

Stripe top

Ganni camel jacket

H M snake skin jacket
€100 - hm.com

Zara trousers
€8,72 - zara.com

Gucci fringe shoes
€695 - neimanmarcus.com

Cédric Charlier black trainers
€275 - ssense.com

Isabel Marant party jewelry
€77 - farfetch.com

Casio yellow gold jewelry
€50 - asos.com

Christian Dior logo sunglasses
€485 - barneys.com

Thick scarve
€105 - black.co.uk

Head wrap headband

Marc Jacobs vetiver fragrance
€105 - neimanmarcus.com

Dot Bo typography wall art
€105 - dotandbo.com

While Summer is on a permanent vacay, we are trying our best to keep up the good spirits between blistering cold winds and hail storms. 
Maybe that's why I desperately brought home  some {fake} tan Summer into my life.

Bershka, thank you for selling these awesome and very cheap iPhone covers ; loving the cactus designs ! Hopefully they put a smile on your face too. And who knows, pretty soon, this horrid weather may soon be forgotten.

get yours here 

guilty pleasures

vrijdag 22 april 2016

Although it feels not like Summer yet, I know I have to stash up something for Summer because we all know, temperatures will rise eventually and then I will be sorry not bringing these silver beauties home.

The heels are based on the low Gucci Marmont block heel pumps ; I'm pretty sure they feel comfortable and easy to walk Mediterranean streets this holiday. I really like silver to match bare feet ; especially when they are bronzed and well pedicured. So pretty.

Speaking 'bout those Gucci pumps, I've been in doubt like for ever if I will buy them/not buy them. The only women I've seen wearing them were all 50 plus and I'm afraid I have to bow to my husbands reasons why he finds them hideous ! Because they look like granny shoes ..

I totally understand men will find these Gucci's just awful but they are so cute ; love them in bright fuchsia and gold.
So maybe these silver darlings have best of both worlds ; the block heel and the feminine front to show off well pedicured young feet.

Oh well, maybe I'll buy them on sale .. so it does not feel too bad when I'm only wearing them when hubby does not have to walk beside them haha.

silver sandals by HM 

Also found this cute embroidered vichy blouse ; think Brigitte Bardot's style during the 1950-ies !
The glittery flowers on my shoulders give this beauty that extra bling ; aren't you guys longing for some bling from time to time ?
Now and then I like a change from my monochrome grey-black-vieux rose outfits.
This fabric screams instant Summer.

find it here before it goes - they're currently back in stock ! 

Black & White

zaterdag 16 april 2016


It's been an busy week (indoors) for me ; I've edited a gazillion pictures of a wedding shoot so I haven't been out much lately. So I was very happy to have a break off work today.
Thank God for Saturdays !

I wanted a small cross body bag like the Céline one that has been around in fashionista-land for a while but did not want to have that particular one.
I mean, why always copy/paste what goes around on Instagram ; sometimes I just like a more demure  or other version of what has been popular already.

Sandro has always been a fave brand of mine ; they have real good coats and leather goods. Timeless and effortless chic ; typically French so to say.
The good thing is, they are not often too expensive although their quality is superb.
So I was very happy to find this cute little black bag with their logo in tiny gold letters.
Very simple + chic. 
Finally convinced my husband to like the Cédric Charlier slip-ons too !
Come on babe, how cute are these ?
Just like many of my tops and frilly blouses they tend to be a bit frumpy, but I like frumpy.
Frumpy can be 'it' too.

Oh did I mention I ordered the pink Harry blouse from Alexa Chung's #archivebyAlexa collection for Marks & Spencer ? 
So thrilled that collection finally has been launched ; I even set my clock to order it right away on Thursday ! Haha. 
If you're quick you might still get yours in your size !
Check the M&S website here
{notice the sizes are quite narrow, so you might order yours 1 size up your regular size}

my latest cutest slip-ons {ever}

this blouse !!! #inlove

Nothing fishy about it

zondag 10 april 2016

Finally ! 
Took me ages to get hold of this Walldog sweatshirt.
I guess I must have asked the people at Bellerose a thousand times if it was in store. 
Alas, it never happened although their store was indicated to buy Walldog off line.  

At a certain point, I discovered this Belgian label in another store  nearby ; they promised me to call me as soon as it would come in again.
And so it happened. 
Yesterday at long last, I bought it at Fresh store in Antwerp for which I am infinitely grateful.
They actually have some other great brands such as Humanoid, Sessùn and Walldog, you might check it out when visiting my hometown.

Walldog sweatshirt at Fresh 15

The kick of Luxury

vrijdag 8 april 2016

Stan Smith Luxe W

Because you just can't have enough sneakers, right ?
My old Adidas kicks are ready to dump (the tea bags can't handle the  'odeur' anymore 


Have a great weekend you guys ! 

HM Conscious Exclusive Collection SS 2016

donderdag 7 april 2016

totally in love with my sky blue skirt !

This time, the H&M designers team have been working incisively with the Musée des Arts Décoratifs to find inspiration for this year's Conscious Exclusive collection. Exclusive access to the costume museum and archives of the museum itself has resulted in a line of modern red-carpet glam items with influences from art and fashion history.

 Julia Reston Roitfeld, being a style expert and daughter of Carine Roitfeld, makes a perfect representative for the Conscious philosophy and their sustainable fashion collection. 

Having a day off, I decided to give it a try and headed towards my local HM store in Antwerp. 
To my surprise there was not a single soul in sight just before opening hours ; in fact, I was the first in line !
I imagined cat fights and greedy women standing in line.
A couple of minutes later other ladies arrived and our small group of fashionista's waited patiently for the doors to open.
I fell in love with the sky blue skirt presented in the window, tried on the blouse I initially came for and some black flat slip-ons but ended up with the skirt ultimately.

Teamed with a soft grey and gold striped Bellerose sweater, it looks chic but not overdone. For special occasions I can wear it with these golden pumps or match it with white sneakers to make it look more on-trend. 

Items seen in the pictures are :
shoes Gianvito Rossi (similar here) 

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