You got me intoxicated {Let's dance}

donderdag 31 december 2015

Still a couple of hours before we can kick our NYE party down here ; already thinking 'bout those resolutions we're writing down in our heads.
Many of you will want to start the new year with a fresh and clean body and mind ; so do I, I swear to God I will make more of an effort into really nailing it this time.
Sports and going to the gym many times a week had been a routine I kept persistently in 2015 but it's the healthy food bit that's keeping me busy in my head.

I need to work more on a healthy balanced diet - not to see it as a real 'diet' but more as a lifestyle ; in fact, it should come pretty easily. 
Less coffee (as coffee is giving me an uncomfortable feeling lately) and more infusions ; fruits and veggies and less pasta or bread.

I managed to follow such a regime for a while, even lost weight doing it but never stuck to it.
So the pounds and distressed intestines came back and made their point for the longest time.
I need to listen to my body and love it more for what it is.

So let's start with this easy as a breeze detox tea ; quickly made with the following ingredients.

a. fresh mint 
b. cinnamon stick
c. freshly grated ginger
d. hot water
c. infuser

Cut some of the fresh mint leafs and grate a fresh ginger cube ; put these together with the cinnamon stick in the infuser and pour some hot boiling water on top.
Let it rest for at least 6 tot 8 minutes then add some honey at choice ; sit back and enjoy your infusion and let it do it's work. A nice book or some lounge background music will optimize the zen-moment.

Enjoy ! 

it's almost time ..

woensdag 30 december 2015

Almost time to decide what to wear for your NYE party ! 
Have you decided yet ? Was this outfit already hanging in your closet for weeks or will it be a last minute decision ? 

Warmest December ! #styledujour

maandag 28 december 2015

Warmest December !


H M vneck top
€5,41 -

Golden Goose star sneaker
€140 -

Golden Goose round toe sneaker
€140 -

Proenza schouler handbag
€1.525 -

Isabel Marant stainless steel wrist watch
€775 -

Thick scarve
€110 -

Citrus perfume
€115 -

Palecek geometric home decor
€580 -

Tapered trousers
€74 -

Let there be Haus

zondag 27 december 2015

Hi everyone ! First of all, wishing everybody a lovely and peaceful Christmas; hope you all enjoy the holidays.
Just posting a quick update on my latest sneaker obsession ; HAUS by Golden Goose sneakers.
Ordered them online (well, actually got them as a present from hubby, bless him) and I really LOVE them. Never would've thought my silver/red/black Adidas sneakers could be overtaken by another pair of sneakers but I guess these GG come pretty close. They are very comfortable and light ; perfect when legs feel a bit heavy of all this party dancing lately ! 

If you want to order a pair too, keep in mind their fit is big ; I'm a 38,5 in most of the brands but in GG I took a 37 ! And they aren't tight or tense.

The Belle of .. St Vincents

zondag 20 december 2015

Love at first sight, that's the feeling I had when I entered St Vincents today. Opened a week ago and already very popular amongst native Antwerp population.

This ancient imprimerie is the newest hot spot to enjoy a coffee/tea  - shop clothes, interior decorations or furniture.
A must see when visiting my hometown ! 

O come all ye faithful

zondag 20 december 2015

as seen on my Instagram account this week 

Being a bag lover {= addict} I have many models to choose from ; over the years I've collected a nice stash of leather beauties and always kept one rule in mind. If you buy an expensive handbag, make sure it will still look good when you're 80.

No need to say iconic classics like the Chanel ones are in my own private arsenal ! The Jumbo Double Chain Flab bag is one of my first Chanels' ever and when I see how much the price tag has raised after all these years, I'm pretty sure I made a good investment.

I don't buy a lot of bags, also stay away from it-bags in tawdry colors but carefully search for epic models that will look good on any outfit as well as any age. Lately, the Jumbo is my faithful companion after having worn my black patent Proenza for more than 6 months this year. The Jumbo is not seen often but still can be found on luxury labels- internet shops for preloved goodies. 

As it happens, I came across this site .. you might check it out if you're still wondering what to ask for Christmas this year .. 

Happy Sunday ! 

Best pictures and 1 serie including actor/actress as photographer or photographer turned director

zaterdag 19 december 2015

You might have guessed photography is my dada by now .. or if you're just joined my blog clan, you will discover this along the way.
So, wishing you newbies a warm welcome to the blog.

For those amongst you, who can't bear to see another Christmas movie at this point or are fed up with the millionth rerun of the Sound of Music around this time of year, this list is especially for you ..

I'd like to share some of my favorite movies of all time, containing the subject of photography. Maybe you've seen some of them or will discover some pretty awesome or touching motion pictures. 


At n° 1. A thousand times goodnight with Juliette Binoche being a war photographer {detail ; Larry Mullen, drummer of U2 also has a role in it}

At n° 2. Closer, Julia Roberts being an American photographer based in London.

source :

At n° 3. Blow Up, David Hemmings plays a fashion photographer in this iconic cult movie from 1966.
source :

At n° 4. Rear Window, with Grace Kelly and wheelchair bound James Stewart, a photojournalist who's spying on his neighbors, suspecting one of them murdering his wife.

source : rotten

At n° 5. Lost in translation, Scarlett Johansson plays the young insecure wife of Giovanni Ribisi, a fashion photographer who's more interested in his job and models than his own wife. Fans of Bill Murray ; a must see !

At n° 6. Ben Daniels playing Adam Galloway, photographer in series 1 and 2 of House of Cards

source :

At n° 7. The secret life of Walter Mitty, Sean Penn plays Sean O'Connell, the inspiring photographer friend of Walter (played by Ben Stiller)
source :

At n° 8. Control, a movie by Anton Corbijn about the life of Ian Curtis, the tragic singer of Joy Division
source :

At n° 9. Palermo Shooting, a movie by Wim Wenders with Campino (singer of punk band Die Toten Hosen) acting a photographer
source :

At n° 10. Another Anton Corbijn movie with Robert Pattinson playing young photographer Dennis Stock. The movie tells the story about Stock and a young James Dean and their friendship.
source :

Last weeks of 2015

vrijdag 18 december 2015

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Can't believe we are headed for the final weeks of the year ; it's starting to look a lot like Christmas outside but it does not feel cold or Wintery at all ! I am so relieved I made it in one piece as these last weeks were very challenging. I've had tons of work to finalize for my school assignments, in between I did several shoots and to top it off, I have been suffering from a mild case of amnesia due to lack of sleep. Some nights, I'm glad I can stretch it 'till 4am - waking up from a bad dream/nightmare. So one of my new years' resolutions will definitely be 'empty your head on a weekly basis' or find my inner zen zone ..

My friend Catherine has made a career change too and is currently counting down to restart as a fashion agent, slowly designing her own collection and be a reiki adept after hours. I would love to learn more about that as she sounds so inner peaceful and in control with her self.

I kinda love the idea of being a slashie* myself.
Having the opportunity to do several jobs and not being attached to just one main occupation until you reach the retirement age of 65.

And when I thought I was just doing nothing at all I realized I was a slashie before the word got launched into urban dictionaries.

Photographer / Student / Personal Assistent / Knitter 'sur demande'

What are you guys up too, work wise, do you have more than one occupation ?

*A person who thinks their day job isn't their real job: busboy/actor; waitress/actress; waiter/writer; cleaner/scriptwriter; singer/secretary

How to choose the perfect bra

woensdag 16 december 2015

photo credit ThirdLove

I've always liked a clean cut style, dress wise, making sure everything will fit properly - no ugly seams or marks showing the things you don't wanna show.

The importance of a good bra is not only about how it looks or makes you look ; the best bra to my thinking is the one you don't feel.
Nothing irritates me more than slipping straps ; I  have to admit even my most expensive bra from {label X} makes me ignoring it and leave it in the back of my lingerie drawer. 

So here are some tips that might help if you're experiencing the same issues :

As straps tend to stretch out, you might consider tightening them once a month. If does not do the trick anymore, maybe it's time to explore new horizons. 

Thirdlove gives some pretty good advice on how to choose a good bra helping you out with their super easy app available via iTunes.
If you check out their website, you might actually be surprised how lovely many of the proposed models are ; my personal faves are the Lace Balconettes ; not are they super cute and sexy but also extra supportive and the wires are nickel-free and coated with nylon. 

Shows a comfortable and practical bra does not have to be made out of one piece (ugh-ly !) but can be gorgeous, lacy and luxurious at the same time.  

My Christmas outfit for December 25th

As much as I love to dress up for an event, these last few years I've tried to stay true to my style. I really never buy anything very festive or especially for the occasion, I just work with the stuff I have and mix it with some carefully chosen accessories.

So, let me show you what I have got in mind :

Skirt by Bellerose - I've bought this one at the start of the new season, early August and it's been one of my better purchases this year. Perfect for Summer in Ibiza and the upcoming holidays.

Sweater is from the newest Isabel Marant Etoile collection ; I made an early New Years resolution throughout this year, not to buy a grey 'mêlée' anymore because .. how much more grey sweaters can you have in your closet ?
That's why I opted for this spicy curry one : doesn't it look 'plus chique' than the average black or grey one ? I thought it did.

Heels by Gianvito Rossi ; I had these for a wedding in June and I'm very glad I did. Bronze or coppers are so it right now, the copper hue is warmer to the skin than an average yellow gold.

Matching these items with my all-time classic Kelly bag and I'm good to go.
The Kelly is perfect to harmonize all warm tones together and big enough to store my camera ! 

What's your take on party outfits ? I'd love to see your view on it.


dinsdag 15 december 2015

8. I'm in love with the coco

photo credit Reuters

Addictions can be hard. Very hard. I've tried to find a CA {Chocoholics Anonymous} but haven't been able to find one yet.
So, till then, I'll just need to satisfy my brain and go out for some more.

Sounds familiar ? Know someone who's just like us addicts ?
Inspired by his granddads' tobacco snuff up, Dominique Persoone made a device to snort chocolate instead of eating it.
Mint and ginger tinkle your nose at first, then the mint flavour goes down and the chocolate stays in your brain.

Initially the device was created for a Rolling Stone party ; Dominique could have never ever guessed how successful his invention would become. Until now, he has sold over 25.000 pieces worldwide.

You can get yours now online or, if you visit Antwerpen, make sure to pop in at the Royal Palace on the Meir, where his shop and atelier are situated. 


maandag 14 december 2015

7. you name it. you make it

wool by Julija's shop

DIY or handmade stuff has become increasingly popular these last years. Maybe it's an urge to find peace of mind to make something by hand, have some time to yourself, comforted by the cosiness of your home, knitting the hours away, in company of the house cat or relaxing music in the background. Smartphones are not aloud at this point. 

I know for sure this present will be much appreciated by many diy-er and the good part is, this might even be an exception in offering a voucher {I personally loathe vouchers - so impersonal} because it leaves the receiver to choose his/her own materials. 
It's by picking the good wool shop, your present becomes more individual and attentive ; so skip shops like Veritas this time and go out and search for a more deluxe version of an haberdashery offering only but the best yarns and threads. Nothing beats the real stuff like wool, mohair or alpaca. 
Synthetical is out of the question ; you would never give plastic shoes instead of real leather too, right ? 

My personal local stores for diy are :

Lana Antwerp
and Maurice (KBC tower)


vrijdag 11 december 2015

6. I wish I had a photograph of you

Being a photographer and still studying on the matter, I wonder if family & friends would appreciate a nicely framed picture  as a present.
Of course photography is my dada and I would just die to own some of the most iconic images in the world but one can never ever really know what kind of image a family member or friend would love to see hanging on his wall. Except, if you're certain he or she is a big Bob Dylan or Serge Gainsbourg fan, how great it would be to offer an epic still from that artist, nicely framed (or not*). 

Yellowkorner offers a large selection of pictures - starting at less than 50€ a piece and I'm pretty sure you might find an image fitting the style and likes of anyone.

*depending on your budget ; framing can be more expensive than the actual purchase of the picture
*a frame is very personal ; when not sure on the interior of the receiver, don't risk offering a frame that does not fit in the setting of one's home


donderdag 10 december 2015

5. Candle in the Wind

scented sticks

Candles are a very nice gesture and gift ; personally I love them !
The best next thing and maybe a bit less hazardous are scented sticks.
Perfect gift to give young couples, even more if they have plans to move in together and take their relationship to the next level.
What's not to love about nice scented rooms ?

So, a nice candle or bottle + sticks from an affluent brand might be a wonderful present ; even more, with the holidays in mind, some labels introduce a sophisticated wrapping during this time of year.
Always nicer to give something wrapped up in an opulent box or paper.

My personal favorites can be found at Zara Home - Rituals or Diptique


woensdag 9 december 2015

4. Let's get Naked 

NAKED3 palette

Teenagers are challenging ; from the ages 13 to 16 they like to find everything, stupid or boring. Secretly they might steel from mom's closet (oh yes, I've lost the occasional Chanel bag to my daughter, back in the day) but they never ever will admit they surreptitiously adore most of your stuff.
So if you're clever and got some detective skills, check your teenagers' Instagram account and try to find out what is hot and going around.
Fortunately, my girl has reached the age of 18 this year and I'm very happy the 'telly but no sound-days' are over.

We share stuff we love on our mutual IG accounts and this makes me super relaxed and confident to buy the perfect Christmas gifts for her.
So dear moms and dads, if you have a teenage daughter make sure you will leave her speechless but for a good reason.
Urban Decay is the most sought after make up brand right now but quite expensive for a young student. Christmas might just be the perfect moment to give her a NAKED palette ; make sure to get the right tones depending on the colour of her eyes. 

Urban Decay can be found online or in specialized perfumery.


dinsdag 8 december 2015

3. Ice Ice Baby 

In search of a real nice gift for (grand)dad ? 
Why not opt for these new, vintage glasses from Iittala ?
The nice thing about this brand is they relaunched the oldskool design a couple of years ago. 

In 1968, Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala, created the ultima thule glasses for Iitalla. A couple of years ago, Iitalla decided to relaunch this collection again ; once you had the chance to drink from these beauties, you're addicted. 
They are superbly designed, fit perfectly in your hand and are probably one of the most beautiful glasses I've ever seen.

This is the perfect gift for a whiskey lover ; I recommend to ask for a gift box holding 2 glasses and if your budget allows it, why not add a nice bottle of his favorite stiff drink too.

PS I know I promised something for new parents today, I am so sorry I did not live up to your expectations but I still need to find the perfect gift! So stay tuned for more the upcoming week.

19 days till Christmas {original presents and tips where to get them} #day2

maandag 7 december 2015

2. Sal de Ibiza

Cooking has become increasingly popular these last few years ; cookbooks are the most bought books to offer as a present. 

You might have the mischance you're the one that needs to find an appropriate gift for a semi-pro cook in your family, being a total klutz in the kitchen yourself.   On the other side, you're quite inventive and innovative concerning your gift conception. No cook books in your basket because, hey you are an individual giving only stuff you yourself would want to have too. 

So what would be quite awesome and nice ?
Why not consider some tasty ingredient ? 
Sal de Ibiza could be the perfect present ; not only do you need salt in loads of dishes but it's nice to see this spice is packed in a beautiful ceramic turquoise jar + spoon.

If you're lucky enough to have enjoyed the Summer on this Balearic pearl, you could've have brought some jars home and stashed them for the next couple of months keeping the Christmas holidays in mind {that's what I did} or ..
if you're a late {=panic} shopper ; there's the www to help you out.
Make sure to order in time as the holiday season can be quite busy.

Here in Antwerp, wit-zwart deli, is the place to buy your salt in store. 

tomorrow we'll be thinking of what to give new parents.

20 days till Christmas {original presents and tips where to get them} #day1

zondag 6 december 2015

1. cute kissing lips brooch

This is the ultimate guide for original presents for special people.
Trust me, you're not the only one breaking his/her head over some damn original gifts on a budget. 
I will help you guys out to find super cute stuff, original and from nice stores { they wrap up their gifts nicer, admit it } that won't break the bank and leave you with tons of compliments from everyone.
You'll be the ultimate gift king/queen from now on !

So here it is, THE list everyone wishes to know but only you will ultimately use {cause you are reading my blog héhé}

1. cute kissing lips brooch
type of person : outgoing, in for a smooch under the mistletoe and  a sucker for accessories.

In doubt ..

vrijdag 4 december 2015

Loving these HAUS sneakers ; still in doubt if I really want to order them.
How many pair of sneakers is too much ? 
#sneakeroverkill #addict


dinsdag 1 december 2015

Antwerp, my hometown that is, always holds the most fantastic places to have a drink.
Recently, Congé opened their doors and it has been a {h}It {place} ever since.
Linked to the Plein Publiek events in the weekend, it has become a hot-spot for the beautiful people of my town. 
Wanted to get a decent picture ever since I've noticed their awesome typography - so today I decided to defeat the rain and headed over to the Kronenburgstraat. 
Unfortunately they close Monday's & Tuesday's but this gives me a good reason to come back to have a coffee or drink later this week. 

Meanwhile, if you're deciding on visiting my city for a weekend, make sure to include this place to your list. `

you might also check my personal Antwerp hotspot-list on Pinterest ; feel free to follow

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