Still on the hunt for those last holiday essentials : found these fab tan wedges from New Look.
Actually was looking for similar ones in black but then again, once your feet are tanned and look awesome, a tan shoe might just be the right one to elongate your legs, right ?
Normally, I'm not a wedge fan - the type Kate Middleton wears are horrid - but these ooze Parisian chic and have an A.P.C feel to them but with a nicer price tag.
I know I won't be wearing these at home once I get back- so I'm not keen on spending too much money on high class brand shoes. 
I'm the fortunate kind of woman who's letting people assume I'm always wearing expensive stuff - I'm just a clever mixer of cheap and high end .. as long as it's confusing people .. haha
Also ordered this statement T for tomorrow night ; our Red Devils team did extremely well during these past few weeks and being a big fan myself, I just could not resist making an effort and ordering this O'rèn top. Hoping they will kick some ass and send the Wales team home tomorrow. 


Something old, Something new

maandag 27 juni 2016

This Summer I will be married to my husband for 10 years ; I thought it was a nice opportunity to make this event extra festive as we will be in Ibiza at that time .. 
What place is better to renew some vows and make a nice celebration on the beach, boho style ?
I did not want to purchase a real-wedding-dress but something light and airy, a touch of lace and maybe a flower headband as Ibiza might seem to be the perfect spot to wear such accessories.

Boho style is really beautiful and although I would never wear these kind of dresses at home, I've been on the hunt for a dress like this for some time. Don't you just love the lacy sleeves seen in the pictures above ? Asos have some really nice collections to choose from ; just type boho and dresses in the search bar and loads of beautiful white and nude dresses appear on your tablet or computer.
I've ordered this lovely frock (second picture) and hope to wear it this Summer for the occasion. Stay tuned to witness some great pictures afterwards.

click to buy dress here 

Summer Outfit part 1.0

vrijdag 24 juni 2016

Hi you guys ! Final days of June are approaching and I'm about to get ready for my Summer holiday.
This year I wanted to make sure to be prepared like never before to get those cute outfits in my suitcase before you know it.

I've always been a bad holiday packer as I always wanted to extend my usual-at-home style on holiday ; now, it's not very practical to find black, greys and minimalistic items for your Summer style and by that I mean, sweaters, cashmeres and skinny black jeans. Way too hot.
So this year, I made a not to self to start on time, getting those super fun t-shirts, loose shirt jackets and shorts, into a special part of my walk-in-closet. I call it the beach-only part of my closet so I know exactly where to find my stuff once I get the suitcases out.

As I'm headed for Italy and Ibiza, I wanted to make sure my outfit choices could blend perfectly into both countries and it's style so I would not have to split up anything between them.
Let me get through a small part of my fave finds seen in the picture :

1. kimono/blouse/jackets with cute prints
2. bikini tops {as a replacement for a bra}
3. shorts, cotton or jean
4. flower headbands for minimalistic hair maintenance {they match messy beach waves perfectly}
5. shoes {on my shop list for Italy*}
6. ethnic bags or cotton shoppers with statement quotes
7. sunglasses {of course}
8. shoes {again, on my shop list for Italy}**

* and ** because I want to buy Gucci shoes in the land of origin, don't ask why but it just feels right.
On top of that, every time I will look at those shoes, they will remind me of a fabulous time. I'm pretty sure I will live these next couple of weeks in my flip-flops and sandals ; I already stashed those weeks ago ! 

What are your essentials for Summer ? Any good tips for me ? Leave a note in the comments ! 

note : all items can be found at HM or Zara, except for the Gucci shoes

Almost Summer

zaterdag 11 juni 2016

espadrilles are THE shoes for Summer, right ?

Longing for some proper holiday ... counting the days.
It seems like June is gonna last like for ever ; the only thing I still need to do is to hand over all my photo assignments and explain my work in front of a jury.
After that, I will call it quits for a month or 2 and will focus on nothing but my road trip to Italy and later on, attend a pool party or 2 in Ibiza.
Can't wait. 
Meanwhile, I've been doing some shopping to make sure I'm properly dressed for the beach or beach bar. This is going to be the best Summer ever !

cool homemade drinks while reflecting on Summer

that time of year to lunch al fresco again

Isabel Marant footwear

back on track

donderdag 2 juni 2016

hey guys,

I admit, my last post was a bit heavy, but hey, sometimes we just need to speak up and admit life isn't always Instagram-pretty.
Have had some very nice messages from some of you over these past weeks ; I am really truly thankful for that.

Meanwhile, I've been catching up on my sleep with some help of non-addictive meds and next week I'm up for my 1st appointment with a sleep-coach. Looking forward to that. We'll see how it turns out.

Also, by sharing my issues with you guys and some of my IRL friends, somehow this has helped me get some sleep. It's like the sharing has worked in some way, like - it's out there - and it felt like a relief once I've said it. It was no longer a hidden secret.
It's real and real shit happens to a lot of people.

So, what else is new ? 
My loyal knitter-friends have emailed me to start them up with a new project, namely a chunky boyfriend sweater.
These last 2 weeks, we've been hooking up at our fave coffee place, picked up the needles and wool again to start our small but super sweet project. Fall will be fluffy and blinding. We've blinged this project out to the max ! 

Can't wait to show you our final results pretty soon {those size 15mm needles sure make this knit work progress nicely}
Also, we girls talk about pretty much everything when we knit and our personal new hashtag sounds like this :

Knitting isn't that hard to do and it keeps you focused on something really nice. You literally see your work 'growing' and becoming something pretty ; it actually makes your thought process evolve in something positive. That's what we aim for ; only good thoughts.

Well, that's all for this week. Hope you guys have some nice things to look forward too this upcoming weekend.
Hope to see some of them on Instagram.

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