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woensdag 24 juni 2015

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Because I like to dress in a monochromatic way, I sometimes feel that I'm always grabbing towards the same things in shops. To avoid too many comparable outfits and ending up looking the same each & every day, I've turned to accessorizing lately. After getting amounts of positive reactions to my silver Adidas Superstars, I realized a touch of bling never hurt anyone. In fact, it makes a very simple, "1 color outfit" look instantly noticeable and unique. The best test is to just hit the town, specially on a drowsy day and see how people react/respond to your personal touch of splendour.

The best additions I've purchased and tested lately are these fringes you can add to any laced shoe or pair of sneakers ; Raoulle pimps your shoes in a split second ! Perfect to add some bling or make your dull shoes look like new again.
Silver and gold additions to your wardrobe make a statement ; if Summer is keeping us waiting, why not invest in a blazing rain jacket ? Brands like K-Way and Wanda Nylon have a great choice in metal  colored fabrics ; teamed with some nice black pants, the silver or gold will append to your personal style and presence !

Items seen above, clockwise ; Raoulle add-on fringes // take away Starbucks coffee // Wanda Nylon silver rain jacket 

Les Marionettes Géants de Royal de Luxe

maandag 22 juni 2015

Yesterday we saluted the wonderful people of Royal de Luxe and waved grandma goodbye during her triumphant exodus in the Antwerp harbour. 
She and her 'small' companion paraded through our Antwerp streets once more and left many of us in awe during these final hours.
Oh how we love our Giants !! 

Want to see them too ? Check out their website for upcoming events near you

For your eyes only

zondag 14 juni 2015

As a 40-something woman, facial care needs to be more specific and refined.
Although being a big Sisley fan, I've finally allowed myself to indulge in some more opulent
brands like La Mer.

The first visible aging signs of being a +40 woman, are the eyes, so I decided to take care of that zone first. I headed to my favorite perfumery yesterday {Parfuma} and submerged myself into the world of eye care, creams and serums.

The options ; a more firmly and intense cream or/and a illuminating gel to decrease puffy eyes and any dark circles.
Have to admit I got both of them because Patrick of Parfuma suggested the gel could be easily used during the day, when we all suffer the 4 o' clock dip, to avoid puffiness and need refresh our make-up at some point. 
He referred to it as the key item to hold in your handbag when in need of a simple touch up or 'rescue'  applier.
The intense eye balm can be used mornings or before hitting your pillow ; I decided to use it in the evening as a night care routine.

So, meet me in a couple of weeks time to share my thoughts on these auspicious products and it's promising facts. 

Next products to be tested : Orofluido hair care


vrijdag 12 juni 2015

just a quick #selfie update concerning my bangs !
SO glad I did it and extremely happy with Lindsey .. I discovered she's back in Antwerp after her Spanish getaway of 2 years ! 

If you live in my hometown and want these bangs, Salon Avalon is the place to be.
Does the name ring some bells ? You're not mistaking, Lindsey used to have her former salon just around the corner !! 

As you might have noticed, I'm addicted to hair, shine and a good hairdresser.
My next blog will be all about hair products, hair care and currently I'm testing 
Orofluido and l'Oréal products. If you're just like me, all about healthy hair and color, feel free to follow my blog and upcoming posts ! 

The Big Bang Theory

vrijdag 12 juni 2015


photo credit : Valentine 

I'm finally going for the 'cut' ; today I want my so beloved bangs back .. I think my hair has finally grown long enough to make it edgy again ! Leaving the ombre on the lengths but cutting my wavy sides back into a straight cut full on 'frou frou' ..
Even though it's Summer and hot outside, I might meet a challenge in keeping these iron straight but I can say I've become a master in curling and straightening devices lately.
So .. bring it on ! Check out my Instagram later for latest updates ! 

photo credit : Valentine

photo credit via Pinterest

photo credit via Pinterest

#palmtrees & #polish

I love to fool around with polish and nail wraps ; these wraps can be fun and put instant Summer onto your nails ! 
Found these great palmtree print wraps a while ago {when it was still cold and Wintery} but decided they would come in handy some day soon. 

And so I painted my nails pastel green today and concluded there was some funkiness missing.
Hence the nail wraps ! 
I did not want to use them all as I will need them even more when I'm in Ibiza in a couple of weeks time. 

Last Friday I booked a workshop on 'how to' apply make up the MUD-way. I have to say, I really picked up some good ideas and tricks of the trade to apply make-up for my style and age. 
As a 40-something woman, make-up needs to be applied with care and small details can really make a big difference. 
For instance, in my case, my lips are naturally full and my eyes are small. Esther showed me how to make them look brighter and bigger ..

The best thing about MUD products is they contain lots of pigment ; you actually need very few to cover your face, eyelids or lips. 
Compared to the amount of make-up I got caked on the other day*, my skin actually felt good and was still able to breathe and glow.

So if you're into personal advice and tricks on how to apply good make-up, then this workshop could be the best thing happening in 2015 in your personal beauty and skin care.
Available by appointment at the MUD stores in Antwerp and Ghent

Prices start from 49€

*my make up was applied by a MUA for a party a few weeks ago ; I looked like Joan Collins, but in a bad way. Not a good look

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