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I've been into these beautiful, pure and geometrical designs lately. Not only did I order my new business cards with triple triangle colors, my choice in jewelry has totally changed from a classic, vintage look into a more pured out and simple style. 
Diamanti per Tutti has some fabulous rings and bracelets and on top of that, they offer a choice in white, pink or gold. 

So smoothly, I'm changing my collection into pink gold and mix & match it with my white gold classics. Strangely enough I don't own a gold watch ; all my clocks are white metal or platinum.
Note to self : maybe I just need to find myself a funky rosé watch, perfect for Summer. 

Until now, I'm loving my arrow bracelet and rings by Renee 


I must say, I'm still in 'awe' over this exposition ; truly an amazing designer and fabulous how the it's shown where a designer finds his inspiration !! 

You can discover this yourself until July 19th, at the MoMu in Antwerpen


Treated myself to a little pampering today - Natasja of Love Life Lacquer, the blog, was a guest at COF 2.0 for some special nail indulgence for all nail polish lovers.

I gave her 'carte blanche', so she could do whatever she was in for ; Natasja took some inspiration from my blue outfit and gave me a China Glaze Tiffany blue-ish nail make over with a hint of geometrics on both my ring fingers.

She did a perfect job and I was happily amazed how quick all these layers dried so quickly ; conclusion, she's a pro ! 
Wanna have some nail pampering too ? 
She's still working at COF until next Wednesday or you can contact herself for a booking through her blog

Found these absolutely gorgeous earrings at Manuel Opdenakker today.
I haven't been into these superlong earrings for a while - somehow, I found them too much with my short hairdo - but recently, well since my hair became a bob, I like to see myself wearing something longer again .. 

So, I might try these out pretty soon, maybe just the one piece or maybe even both ..


Love this chain by Orphan Socks ! 
get it here before it goes

I'm on the hunt for a new hairdresser ; sadly, my current one is calling it a day and stops her salon at the end of this month. I wasn't very pleased but am wishing her all the best for the future, her plans and new pregnancy.

A good hairdresser is sometimes a long life quest ; some of us are happy to find one and stay loyal all their life, some of us have bad luck and still did not meet that person you would trust your hair too, even more with scissors ! 

So this morning, I'm 'testing' Difference, a salon located in the centre of old Antwerp.
I've explained what happened {losing my hairdresser 3 months before a wedding}
and said what I wanted, so I can now hope for the best and hope to find myself on here again with praise and halleluja ! And eternal fame of course. 

So stay tuned for an updated later on.

photo credit ; d-reamsneverfade.tumblr.com teamed with my personal message via Photoshop


Today I want to focus on Belgian jewelry brand, Diamanti per Tutti.
Sofie Valkiers was the first blogger to put the spotlight on DPT and the first to design a collab collection for them. I've always loved their minimalistic, pure design and the ability to make diamonds accessible for everybody. 

DPT also worked with pink gold from the start, something I've always appreciated. Gold is a tone that does not compliment any skin type nor does white gold, so brass tones are a welcome solution for the fair skinned ; it's slightly warmer and more modern too and perfect for any time of day. 

In the picture you see my very own 'circle of life' ring, made in pink gold, of course ..
I'd like to add another addition to it but am not sure yet what to pick. 
Maybe models Endless Diamond or Diamond moon would look great together.

Meanwhile, you can check the website yourself and discover all of their beautiful jewels and other collaborations such as the latest one with Stéphanie Duval.
Absolutely love her geometric Origami hairpin {originally designed for her own wedding}

#inspiration asap
clockwise, pictures found on Vogue.com // Brittanickel.tumblr.com // Adidas.com //Hardtshapedbox.tumblr.com //
quote found via blog.birchbox.com

Seriously considering a new tattoo again .. though it was pretty easy picking the first and second one, I find it hard(er) what to get for the 3rd .. 
Of one thing I'm pretty sure ; it needs to be polygonal or geometric. I do love arrows. And triangles too. I have 2 cats ; I maybe need to consider doing a cat's face .. or a mix of these 3. 

As long I'm not sure, no needle will touch my skin .. 

Do you guys find it easy to pick your body art ? Or is it an impulse deed of the moment ?


Happy Sunday !
Spring has sprung and to celebrate I'd like to show my love for all things soft, powder colored and silver.
I currently might be making an effort in ditching my sugar {30 days without sugar} but never without arm candy !! Ha !

Teaming my fave bracelets together ; from left to right Hermès, Melanie Auld at Sugar for Your Closet & My sold at Clouds of Fashion 
The soft pink sweater is from a previous collection at HM.


Decided to have my work breakfast at this new place this morning ; Vascobelo is a new concept by Isabel Miquel Arques.
Known for her art photography and pure images, Isabel has tranformed this space into a beautiful venue for breakfast, lunch or a meeting.
Upstairs, spaces can be hired for a day ; I just love this clean setting and vibe. 

Vascobelo is also stands for a coffee brand ; tasting events and workshops can help you discover this label.
I really want to do a barista workshop in the near future. 
Barista's are for me THE coolest people on earth ; not that I want to add some cool to my personality but I'd like to add this to my backpack of skills and show off some barista art to my friends and family. Being a coffee addict and lover, this just needs to happen ! 

You can visit Vascobelo V-bar yourself ; click here for maps and more information.


Last night we finally managed to make reservations at one of Antwerp's finest restaurants, The Jane.
Chef and creator Sergio Herman opened this new place in March of last year and has been extremely successful ever since. 

The Upper Bar room is a great spot ; not only do you have an incredible view and you'll see the bartender work his best at drinks and cocktails, the master himself will cook right in front of you and supervises his team to perfection.

Have to say our tastebuds have been treated like we were in heaven ; amazing food (some to share, very intimate) and beautiful wines.

Can't wait to go back and have another food orgasm at The Jane.

For reservations, book here 


Laurentine & her doggie Lilou

Today was a good day ; the weather was horrid but "rainy hair, we don't care", nothing could stop us going the grand opening of Clouds of Fashion in the Nationalestraat !! Whoa !!
Laurentine has really upgraded from a cute but tiny store to a very grown up fashion walhalla ! 

My daughter India was lucky to have a day off school, so we scheduled a shopping spree at noon at the new COF store !! She choose a cute little black shoulder bag and a palmy Summer top {weather forecast predicts 15°C next week) and mama got herself a cute silver BFF bracelet to match her Isabel Marant watch. 

Spoiled and happy we went home, coveting our newest pink COF shopping bag and freebies ! 

We wish all the best for Laurentine and her team in the new store {careful Lilou does not want to jump ship again} ;-)

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