Got brass in pocket 
Got bottle I'm gonna use it 
Intention I feel inventive 
Gonna make you, make you, make you notice

Brass is THE color this season ; I absolutely love to team it with some beautiful mohair or other delicate materials.
Today I bought this stunning copper top from the Magdalena collection, designed by Nathalie Lachat.
Actually, it's my second top in a brassy tone I got from her shop and I have to admit I really love this tone ; it's somehow warmer and richer than any plain gold hue.

Getting this item reminded I already stashed some nice slip-ons from HM last year ; normally, I don't do shoes from a chainstore as often quality and materials are poor. But the color totally persuaded me to buy them and they might be nice to wear from time to time {I imagined me wearing them in Summer, feet slightly sun kissed}

Here's some extra inspiration ; I'm pretty sure you'll fall for this beautiful copper too.

photo credits clockwise :
Marie Claire - blog.neimanmarcus.com - nanushka.hu - universeofluxury.tumblr.com - Bellerose

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