Today I want to share a lovely coffee shop with you guys. Katja runs the place since 2008 and counts many coffee drinkers to her loyal customers.
My personal choice is the pepperccino ; a nice strong coffee topped off with peppers and honey. 
People with a sweet tooth can also enjoy a piece of her daily homebaked cakes and pies ; just settle down in this eclectic interior. I'm pretty sure you will feel as much as home here as you would in your own kitchen.

3 opmerkingen :

  1. Coffee topped off with peppers and honey? That sounds really interesting.

  2. Dat is vlak bij mijn deur en toch ben ik er nog niet binnen geweest. Schandalig eigenlijk!

    En dankjewel Dominica! Jij hebt er ook een nieuwe volger bij ;).


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