When something is good, it's good. 
Let me bragg about the Isabel Marant sandals ; of all IM shoes I've ever worn, these must be the best ones ever ! Even though the heels are killer and considerably high, they can be your best friend for a night out. I mean, a night, starting from 8 pm 'till the wee hours. 
I must admit Marant shoes can be hell too ; the green fringe boots aren't made to jump for joy and make me wanna kick them in the farthest corner of the room. EVERY time.

Like these beauties ? Get them here before they go {I got me a size up, having a regular 38 à 38.5, the 39 fitted me just fine}

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  1. I adore those shoes! Sooo cute ;) Btw thanks for your kind comment! ;) xx, Alma


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