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vrijdag 11 april 2014


My life has changed so much in 2014 ; going back 'to school' again gives me so much energy - it's like all these good vibrations were hidden somewhere inside of me but dozed off somehow and needed to be kissed awake again by a knight in shining armor.

So the other day I was thinking, why not share some of the best things I already learned and discovered myself, who knows, it might come in handy to pimp your holiday snap shots.

Invest in a good body lenses

Many people think an expensive body makes better images. Partly true but not completely. 
If you own a reflex camera and it works just fine ; perfect !
If you're planning to buy one but your on a tight budget, why not consider a good second hand body ?
The body is mainly your work instrument ; look up your manual and make an effort reading it. Note down the main functions of your camera, get to know it and don't be afraid to touch buttons.

Most cameras come with a standard zoom lens, for ex. 18-55mm or 17-85mm.
These are okay and nice to work with but I personally experienced way more interesting pictures with my focal 35mm and 50mm length objectives. Invest in these kind of lenses. You won't regret it. 

What makes a wide angle lens unique ? A common misconception is that wide-angle lenses are mainly used when you can't step far enough away from your subject but still want to capture everything in a single camera frame. Unfortunately, if you were to only use it this way, you'd be really missing out out ! Wide angle lenses are often used the opposite way, when you want to get closer to your subject. So what I'm telling here is, it's you who needs to do all the movement, instead of your camera. 

On top, you need to think more carefully about your composition as these lenses create more space in your images. Try to search for some visual lines and a relevant forefront ; they will help you to accentuate and keep your composition together. 

To inspire you, type Lucien Hervé via Google and click images.
Because 1 image will explain more than a 1000 words.

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