As I am often on the road these days for my assignments for school, easy footwear is a must.
I really can't work in heels, carrying loads of stuff like my backpack and tripod (+3 kg !)
Imagine me running on my 11 cm heels, cobblestones and all, and then getting trapped with my heel like J'Lo in that movie, The Wedding Planner ! 
I'm not worried about scraped knees and ripped jeans ; it's my equipment I'm protective about. 
I would literally die if one of my lenses would break.

Can you feel I'm obsessed with photography already ? ^^
Have a great weekend you' all ! 

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  1. I totally agree, cant work on heels! İt is not possible to run around on heels so I usually stick on my converse:)

  2. Love classics!


  3. Nice Adidas


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