Finally found the time to start AND finish this wonderful mohair knit jacket.
Don't you just love the oversized fit ? When I first saw my friend Nathalie wearing her similar but VERY EXPENSIVE one last year  I knew I had to get (= make) me one some day.

And so I did. In about 3 nights, in front of the telly, I picked up my needles and wool and made this beautiful fluffy jacket. It looks a bit more pink in the picture ; IRL it's a soft lilac with a silky shine.

After I posted this on both my Instagram and FB accounts, my mailbox got bombarded by pretty pleases and if I would make another one for her and oh yeah .. her too.
Oh well, might as well enjoy it in between photoshoot assignments.
Here's the link where you can order the jacket. Currently working on a champagne colored model.
It's coming up online pretty soon.
{for orders outside the EU, please contact me first through the contact form here or in the store}

so proud of my jacket 
meanwhile, made another one in champagne ! 

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