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zaterdag 6 december 2014

restaurant Món te Antwerpen

After a hectic week, it's always nice to have your feet under the table of a nice restaurant on a Friday night. Friday nights are our date-nights and since we've moved to a more quieter district in town, it's always nice to 'shift' ourselves to a more vibrant part of Antwerp.

Think MAS museum and boats in docks, Món is situated at one of the quays near the harbour and  upcoming area 't Eilandje.
We choose cheese and crayfish croquettes for starters ; homemade pot roast and original sausage with pistachio's and agaric mushrooms for our main dishes and had some exceptional streaky bacon and braised apples for our dessert !

Add some very friendly staff and a lovely interior to this and it may sound like a perfect evening. Well .. it was. I highly recommend this place when visiting Antwerp ; best to book a place in advance {it's possible to make reservations online for < 8 people}. You can make your reservations here :

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