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zaterdag 28 november 2015

Hey you, yes I know, I plead guilty, I have been a bad bad blogger lately.

Working on so many things lately I hardly have some personal time for myself ; but hey, I'm not complaining. Life is good, I work hard and see the results of it and I love when people appreciate what you are doing.

Also, as you might know, I have my own little knit shop, full with slow knitted goodies.
I made (and making) some awesome chunky knits right now and gently, the first orders are starting to come in. Suddenly people realize it's almost that time of year ! Christmas !!
Wish lists are made and presents need to be chosen.

You might take a look at my cute little online shop and see what I'm up too. If we are not connected yet through Instagram, hurry up and click to follow ! You won't regret and I'm a loyal 'I'll follow you back kind of person'

my personal account on IG : Marble is the new Black  

2 opmerkingen :

  1. gaaf zo'n eigen webshop! Dat grote groene vest is zo tof! Ik vind je foto's op Instagram altijd heel tof, vooral van boven af waarbij je je toffe schoenen collectie vaak showt!

    1. oh wat lief van je .. ja, die schoenenfoto's lokken altijd veel leuke reacties uit :-)


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