donderdag 12 november 2015

Each year, I want a nice but new color theme for my Christmas table. Copper is the 'hot' color now, so it was very easy for me to slowly search and purchase lovely items to decorate my table pretty soon.
Just decided to add some charcoal and mix it with the warmth of the copper tone ; I headed for Dille & Kamille today and was very happy to discover they have a wide range of table linnen in long sizes too. Fortunately they had 2 hues of charcoal ; I opted for the darkest and longest one in their range.
300 x 150 cm is just perfect for a long and wide table like ours.

All things copper were found at Sissy Boy, my local supermarket and De tafel van Amandine ; as you can see in the picture, these colors mix very well. I really like this feel and my biggest inspiration was  the Local Milk blog .
I'm totally obsessed by Beth and her style and hopefully, I get the approach right, so I can enjoy my Christmas dinner like a boss !

I'll promise, just like last year, I'll update you guys as soon as all pictures are taken, developed and stashed in my Lightroom folder.

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