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zaterdag 16 april 2016


It's been an busy week (indoors) for me ; I've edited a gazillion pictures of a wedding shoot so I haven't been out much lately. So I was very happy to have a break off work today.
Thank God for Saturdays !

I wanted a small cross body bag like the Céline one that has been around in fashionista-land for a while but did not want to have that particular one.
I mean, why always copy/paste what goes around on Instagram ; sometimes I just like a more demure  or other version of what has been popular already.

Sandro has always been a fave brand of mine ; they have real good coats and leather goods. Timeless and effortless chic ; typically French so to say.
The good thing is, they are not often too expensive although their quality is superb.
So I was very happy to find this cute little black bag with their logo in tiny gold letters.
Very simple + chic. 
Finally convinced my husband to like the Cédric Charlier slip-ons too !
Come on babe, how cute are these ?
Just like many of my tops and frilly blouses they tend to be a bit frumpy, but I like frumpy.
Frumpy can be 'it' too.

Oh did I mention I ordered the pink Harry blouse from Alexa Chung's #archivebyAlexa collection for Marks & Spencer ? 
So thrilled that collection finally has been launched ; I even set my clock to order it right away on Thursday ! Haha. 
If you're quick you might still get yours in your size !
Check the M&S website here
{notice the sizes are quite narrow, so you might order yours 1 size up your regular size}

my latest cutest slip-ons {ever}

this blouse !!! #inlove

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