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vrijdag 22 april 2016

Although it feels not like Summer yet, I know I have to stash up something for Summer because we all know, temperatures will rise eventually and then I will be sorry not bringing these silver beauties home.

The heels are based on the low Gucci Marmont block heel pumps ; I'm pretty sure they feel comfortable and easy to walk Mediterranean streets this holiday. I really like silver to match bare feet ; especially when they are bronzed and well pedicured. So pretty.

Speaking 'bout those Gucci pumps, I've been in doubt like for ever if I will buy them/not buy them. The only women I've seen wearing them were all 50 plus and I'm afraid I have to bow to my husbands reasons why he finds them hideous ! Because they look like granny shoes ..

I totally understand men will find these Gucci's just awful but they are so cute ; love them in bright fuchsia and gold.
So maybe these silver darlings have best of both worlds ; the block heel and the feminine front to show off well pedicured young feet.

Oh well, maybe I'll buy them on sale .. so it does not feel too bad when I'm only wearing them when hubby does not have to walk beside them haha.

silver sandals by HM 

Also found this cute embroidered vichy blouse ; think Brigitte Bardot's style during the 1950-ies !
The glittery flowers on my shoulders give this beauty that extra bling ; aren't you guys longing for some bling from time to time ?
Now and then I like a change from my monochrome grey-black-vieux rose outfits.
This fabric screams instant Summer.

find it here before it goes - they're currently back in stock ! 

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