Cheap Trick

dinsdag 3 mei 2016

The sun has finally found her way back to our regions ! Hurray.

Throw away sneakers and socks in a corner and search for your nicest ballerina's in your closet .. 

Do you like mine ? I just found these the other day at New Look. They actually were the last pair and super cheap ! Only 9€ ! 
I can't believe I paid this tiny amount for shoes.

They actually look like my Lolo ballerina flats ; the best part of it all, they shine bright like a diamond. 
See these tiny little gems on top ? 
The shimmer like nothing else in the sun .. am so happy with these .. 

I also went for a walk today and stopped 
at Normo's to get my daily fix of caffeine ; they actually serve a decent latte. It might actually be the best I've had for ages - of course, coffee taste is a personal matter of flavor and the input of a barista but I can actually notice by the reactions of fellow Antwerp-residents, lots of people give their thumbs-up to my pictures of Normo's coffee. Says it all, right ?

get your own fix here 
ballerina flats at New Look here

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