Lace & Mohair

vrijdag 12 augustus 2016

I've finally found a discrete but very nice bustier to protect my modesty underneath my bridal dress next week. We are planning to renew our vows with our 10 year anniversary ; I've found the cutest midi dress but have to admit, it's quite bold. It has a plunging neckline and although it stays nicely in place, I'm not that confident it will hold during the day. I'm quite an expressive person with my arms - imagine Italian gestures and shifting from left to the right in a split second - we don't need nipple slips or other embarrassing moments .. :-)

& Other Stories has a very nice underwear range every season ; they have the most perky choice for their FW16 collection and I was lucky to find this lacy bra in my size. Couldn't also resist to ferret around the store ; the grey mohair knit seen in the picture above .. OMG, it was love at first sight ! Just can't resist a nice knit in any shade of grey.
I plead guilty ; this is my first Winter item and it's not even September yet !
I'm pretty sure you guys would love to wear this chunky sweater on a silk(y) long pencil skirt !

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