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maandag 29 augustus 2016

Ibiza has some great beaches ; the best are actually small and sometimes well hidden, some became popular must-see spots through the years. 

When I purchased Anne Poelmans guide for Ibiza last year, I followed many of her advised hot-spots but the one that really stood out for us was Experimental Beach. And once again, it did not fail ; this must be one of the most beautiful places near Las Salinas. 
My pictures have the most amazing light and colour ; we are truly in love with this fabulous place.
On top of that, they offer a nice variety of well made cocktails ; what's not to love about this place ?!

It can be quite crowdy during the high season so if you can, try and book your stay in May or September (or even October) ; it will be easier to backlog a table for lunch or dinner (anywhere).

I forgot the name of my cocktail (right) but I'm pretty sure it has vodka and lemon mixed in it. Anyways, try whatever you like, you won't be disappointed !
During the day I always try to find a beach that's nice and deserted ; even during our (high season) stay in August, we managed to find the cutest pebbled beach ever. It's situated in the South-West of the island, namely Cala Moli. I already mentioned the beach is filled with pebbles (no sand) so you might expect some difficulty getting into the water ; bring along water-sandals and your day can't go wrong ! 

this cutie kept us company

Platges de ComtĂ© was also on my list after seeing it on a Dutch documentary about Sunset Ashram ; unfortunately, cars were lined up so far on the road, I actually called it quits and made a U-turn. This is the result of being a hype and luring tourists into a place that once belonged to the original hippies ; I actually felt a bit ashamed. The spot was so overcrowded it almost felt like disaster tourism.

I'm glad we did discover the whole island by car, so we can think about where to live in the near future.
We are planning to move abroad for some time now and in about 3 years time this is actually going to happen for us.
So, we might as well be thoroughly prepared before making the actual move.

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