Say yes to the .. ring !

woensdag 12 februari 2014

I am SO excited ! Can't tell much yet but I will by the end of this week. Close friend of mine will get a proposal - and we are going to surprise her - she's going to have a fit ! 
Hopefully I can shower you in pictures pretty soon ; I will give them an engagement photoshoot as a gift .. can't wait to see her face. Meanwhile, I'm showing you my engagement ring made by Anne Zellien. Check out her online shop too ; not only does she design precious jewelry but she also has a lighter collection, very affordable for any budget.

and then this morning .. 
PS her boyfriend just rang me to ask if I wanted to take some pictures of tonights event !! Stressing out here but uber excited !! 

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  1. Wat een mooie ring zeg! wat leuk van je dat je ze een fotoshoot kado geeft :)

    1. de foto's zal ik later dit jaar nog met jullie delen .. ik vind het zelf ook super want ik ben student fotografie .. wie weet volgt er een huwelijksreportage van (alhoewel ik daar nog super onzeker over ben, stel je voor dat ik mijn batterij vergeet te laden ouzo ! Aaargh!)

  2. Nice blog! :))
    I wore out with a friend, that by the end of the month I will have 3 000 followers on the blog! It is very important to me! You could add to the followers? If you want to I follow you back :) Let me know!
    Love, Poppy.

  3. under what name you follow me, because I can not see?
    thanx, thanx you <3333


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