Slow Knit

maandag 10 februari 2014

happy to show you the result of my knitting of these last few days.
Still working on the ajour or lace pattern in blush pink {this particular one will take a bit longer as it requires more counting and silent moments to make it}
Maybe it's a good moment too to tell you about this little webshop I've set up : so many people asked me where to buy these handmade scarfs. My close friends and family know where to find me but often fashionista's all over the globe mail me through my contactform to inform about these beauties and if possible, make one sur m├ęsure .. so here it is, a safe way to order and purchase online (I work with Paypal)

I'll promise to update the shop on a weekly basis ; so bear with me ..
Keep in mind every item is handmade so it might take a while for the next big thing to appear online {meanwhile, you can follow me and the stuff I'm making through my Instagram account}

#handmade #slowknit #webshop

4 opmerkingen :

  1. The scarf is a masterpiece. I so love it. Do you also do DIY's patterns for crochet and knitting enthusiasts like myself..
    Would you care to follow each other? GFC/Bloglovin/G+
    Do leave a comment when you follow and i'll follow you right back.

    1. I do give workshops but in my workspace here at my office .. in Antwerp !

  2. great job knitting x


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