Best on Instagram - April

Fashionwise, April was a very good month. I remember looking out for the H&M #conscience collection and it did not let me down. My aim was to get the silky chiffon blouse {if it turned out IRL like I imagined how it had to look} ; those blouses where gone in a snap so I'm very happy to be one of the proud owners of this precious piece of clothing. Too bad they didn't have more of those handbags (as seen in the picture) ; I would've loved one like that too.

On the other hand, I ordered Adidas sneakers at Zalando's (I'm not a big fan of Zalando ; their commercials on telly are annoying and excessively shown down here) but I really wanted to have those bright white Superstars. Again, I broke a pact towards myself and my conscience. 
So let's just say (for my own piece of mind) the #conscience blouse is the counterweight for me ordering at Zalando's .. 

Finally got the 1996 perfume by Byredo (hubby got me that one from Milan, of all places !) -
Belgian actors got a review in Dazed magazine - I finally CAN wear espadrilles without looking ridiculous - my son posed (without him knowing) for me on public transport and the picture is already my favourite Instagram pic of 2014 !

Hopefully, May will be as beautiful !

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