Best on Instagram - May

Maybe 1 day too soon to post this but I have tons of work to do and another upcoming shoot this weekend !

If fashion was last April's main topic, blue sure was the headliner of May.

I got me some blue shoes at our newly opened &OtherStories (love that shop, can't pass without walking in, obsessed !) - blue Sailor Dior nail polish - blue highlights in my hair, topped up for extra prominent blue tones with some Stargazer hair dye.
Discovered a very nice coffeehouse/vintage shop called Sussies in Antwerp (need to add this to my Locals page ^ above) and my mini-me was very happy that mom got her this year's edition of the Dutch Vogue T-shirt ! (she missed that one in 2013)

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This May was filled with photoshoots of all kind ; very glad people start to notice me and ask me for small shooting sessions. It's a good exercise and this way, I can pretty much fill up and finish my portfolio just nicely ! 
Like many of you, I'll be studying, al fresco, if possible and start a countdown towards the end of June. 

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  1. those nails look gorgeous i love the colours. id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. Such cute pics :)
    The coffee is suuuper cute and your nails <3

  3. Great collection and perfect shoes - obsessed with &otherstories as well!

    I'd love if you come by and visit my blog as well:


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