Time to ditch the black and dark grey tones ; Summer season is finally here and I think I found the perfect color for it !
Sand_Tropez is a greige nude tone that will match any Summery outfit just fine. 
I don't want to wear mints or pinks at this point (at least, not yet) and like to keep my nails clean, short and elegant at the same time. My trick here, what would Grace Kelly do ?
As it happens, Saint Tropez is not that far from Monaco and I'm pretty sure Grace would approve totally if this color would have been presented to her.

My nail regime is pretty simple. I like a clean look: try and find a professional manicurist. This person must know what he or she is doing ; cutting cuticles is a precise job and if not done in the right fashion, dangerous and painful. Filing nails, soft scrubbing and a handmassage must be included in your manicurist's handling. If not, go find yourself a new therapist. 
If the job is done right, treat yourself to a monthly appointment. 
In between sessions, you can scrub your hands twice a week and rub them with the best of the best hand creme every day ! 

When I use nailpolish I always make sure to use a base coat : your nails will love this little seal of protection and won't get this ugly yellowish haze.
Especially women using red nail polish must keep this in mind ! 

My favourite brands are Kiehl's * Essie * Essence

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  1. Wat een mooi kleurtje, het past inderdaad overal bij! Ik ben ook pas naar de manicure gegaan en nu zit er bij mij een mooi oud roze/rood kleurtje op :)


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