the quality of my pictures is not that good (sorry, took them with my phone) but it shows how happy everyone was with the treasures they found !

This weekend I participated with friends Catherine and Magali at the Goegekregen market near our local concerthall. Sun was out and loads of people came along to search for nice stuff at low rated prices. Another man's trash is another man's treasure !
And so we began early to set up our clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories and boy, was I in for some hard work !!
I imagined having a relaxing day, easy and enjoying the nice weather, sipping on a soda pop ; hell no .. all these women came along, really early (like pro's, they just know the best stuff is found before the market even properly starts) and purchased almost everything from my little 'store' ..
Very happy I have an extra budget now the sales are starting.
Wepa ! Must go out and find that perfect bikini for my trip to Sicily pretty soon !

Did you Belgian followers watched the game yesterday ?
How intense and thrilling was this game between BEL-RUS ?
So glad we made it to the next rounds ! Thanks to wonderboy Origi.

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