I'm one of those people who hit the stores to catch a good sale and finally end up buying new collection. But this time, I have to admit I found a real good bargon, something timeless and chic.
I was lucky enough to find these nude patent Saint Laurent heels in my shoe size.
The height is just perfect, not too low and more important, not too high !!
The love for nude shoes started a couple of years ago ; they match anything (compare it to a white blouse or shirt) and most importantly, they make my legs look longer ! Wepa !

So maybe I'm not a die hard sales hunter but I know when something's good, it's really good.
Better to find 1 good piece than overrated stuff no one else wants, even when it's tagged -70%.

Being a sucker for Isabel Marant items, I'm very glad to say I've purchased (here) this Revolution sweater in 2 colors ; clean greige and bold royal blue.
IM sweaters are perfect, you can wash them as much as you want, they keep their shape and quality. On top, it's such easy and #cozygirl wearable, I just know I'm gonna be living in those for months to come. So I see them as a good investment!

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