Am going to ...

dinsdag 28 juli 2015

Am going to ...
1. round pink rosé Ray Ban   2. Lemlem hooded tunique   3. Tra-la-la nail polish by Dior                                        4. Rae Feather monogrammed basket    5. towels   6.  silver Stella McCartney starry booties   7. New Look beach slippers   8. Sissy Boy flamingo shorts   9. Casio rosé gold G-shock watch

As you guys and dolls read this, I am packing for Ibiza. My dear BFF Valy gave me a great hotspot list of all bars, beaches and resto's I definitely need to see when I'm there.
As it happens we will meet also and have drinks or lunch in Santa Eulalia, where we are both situated these next couple of weeks. So stay tuned for more info on Instagram for some daily updates.

I've been surfing the net to read and discover some looks of inspiring bloggers and stylists, on what (not) to wear in Ibiza.
Of course, I'm pretty sure there will be plenty to buy 'sur place' but I actually enjoyed shopping for this holiday. Some stuff might seem cliché and typical when thinking 'bout Ibiza but I've tried to add some of my personal fashion behavior into my suitcase.

As I mentioned before, follow me for daily delight updates and hotspots of Ibiza through my Instagram account and meet me back here for a more extended review in a couple of weeks time.

See ya !

3 opmerkingen :

  1. Such a cute nail polish colour :)
    Love the slippers and straw bag for the beach!

  2. Perfect to go to Ibiza, love the boots. Bisous from France!


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