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maandag 13 juli 2015

my slightly darker ombre turned bronde lately

These last few months my hair has undergone many changes and treatments ; one slightly more aggressive than the other, in search of a perfect tone of ombre for me.
Having blonde tresses made me realize again how much more energy you must put into keeping them shiny and healthy.
My hairdresser gave me some new products to try out and so I did the last couple of weeks.

And so I entered the world of Orofluido.
Must say I'm pretty amazed by their range of products ; I wash my hair frequently, almost on a daily basis. It's important the range I use is not  harmful or aggressive at all.
On top, my products need to be gentle and maintain my color as long as possible.
A tricky job for any hair product as color often fades very fast when washing hair daily. 

When I saw this picture of the back of my hair I was happily surprised it looked this healthy and shiny after all it has been through lately.
Even salty air and a heatwave didn't attack it to leave it strawy and lifeless.

Wanna try the Orofluido products yourself ?
Check out their sales points through the Orofluido website

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