Ibiza hotspots 2015

zondag 16 augustus 2015

I can honestly say this has to be the BEST holiday ever ! Ibiza promised to be the best place on earth to party, live and feel free and it did not fail at all.
The biggest advance of this Balearic island, is it's split personality being a party island as well as a place to feel zen, eat organic food and drinks and experience spiritual moments.

Sal de Ibiza shop near Es Coloms

Of course there's this party sensation you absolutely need to be part of, but when you leave the surroundings of your hotel and drive off to the outback of Ibiza, I'll promise you won't feel disappointed. Small villages welcome you and offer the best they can give ; I've seen places so peaceful I wanted to stay forever. 

For example, Experimental Beach near Las Salinas {the famous salt mines of Ibiza} is a well hidden hotspot to enjoy a yoga session, linger on a sunbed all day long and watch the sun go down from this incredible spot whilst drinking probably the best cocktail you had in your entire life.

Best to rent a scooter or small car to drive around the island - you'll hop from one place to another in maximum 15 minutes - to discover places like this ! 
Keep in mind that you might have to make reservations in advance so you won't feel disappointed if all sun loungers or tables are taken. Even if they are situated in less touristic places, word gets around quickly these places are a must-see on your list.

Experimental Beach dining area

Our next stop was La Paloma, near San Lorenzo.
This absolutely beautiful eatery and bakery is surrounded by gardens and orchards of lemon and orange trees. If you're a lover of organic food and freshly homemade juices and salads, this is THE place for you. Super friendly atmosphere and service and the bill won't break the bank.
I recommend the Falafel Salad and an organic ginger fizzy drink.
While you await your meal, feel free to browse the gardens and shop ; I'm pretty sure you'll find something nice to bring home for your beloved ones {do yourself a favor and skip the ugly souvenir shops and buy something you might actually like to have for a present yourself}

As I already mentioned above, Ibiza is famous for it's salt ; you will find it in most 'supermercado's'
all around the island but isn't it always nicer to purchase items in local shops ?
We found this beautiful shop by the road, on our way back to our hotel. 
It's situated on the PM-810 near Es Coloms next to a supermarket {supermercado}.
In front the open space of the shop holds a clothing line, stuff foodies will like and the must-have item for your holiday, a straw basket wether or not decorated with sparkle or pompoms. 
We purchased out Sal de Ibiza here and also the typical scent of the Island, Campos de Ibiza ; I choose the Dlor de Almendra, a perfume made out of almond flowers.
It's a beautiful bottle with a green tassel ; if you don't visit Ibiza soon, you can also easily purchase it online, so you can bring a little bit of the island near you.

So, let me share some more of Ibiza's finest in my following update .. 
If you guys have any questions on Ibiza, it's hotspots, feel free to email me any time ! 

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