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woensdag 24 juni 2015

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Because I like to dress in a monochromatic way, I sometimes feel that I'm always grabbing towards the same things in shops. To avoid too many comparable outfits and ending up looking the same each & every day, I've turned to accessorizing lately. After getting amounts of positive reactions to my silver Adidas Superstars, I realized a touch of bling never hurt anyone. In fact, it makes a very simple, "1 color outfit" look instantly noticeable and unique. The best test is to just hit the town, specially on a drowsy day and see how people react/respond to your personal touch of splendour.

The best additions I've purchased and tested lately are these fringes you can add to any laced shoe or pair of sneakers ; Raoulle pimps your shoes in a split second ! Perfect to add some bling or make your dull shoes look like new again.
Silver and gold additions to your wardrobe make a statement ; if Summer is keeping us waiting, why not invest in a blazing rain jacket ? Brands like K-Way and Wanda Nylon have a great choice in metal  colored fabrics ; teamed with some nice black pants, the silver or gold will append to your personal style and presence !

Items seen above, clockwise ; Raoulle add-on fringes // take away Starbucks coffee // Wanda Nylon silver rain jacket 

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