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dinsdag 22 september 2015

Hi, it's tutorial Tuesday !

Not going to preach what I'm obsessing about, just some sharing {= caring} and showing you what my most used beauty products are.

I'm not hitched to any particular brand ; compare it to your schoolbooks ; some chapters are very interesting and actually teach you something. Some chapters are useless or straight boring.
So just like you pick the best out of each book, I'm trying to recap all products I am happy to use or work with.

So here we go :
1// Lash Boost by Catrice 
a primer to make your natural lashes a bit longer and fuller. To be used underneath your actual mascara

2// Lipocils by Talika
already shared this product with you guys in a previous post ; it boosts your lashes, makes them longer and curlier and a tint darker too.

3// BROWdrama by Maybelline. 
Sculpting brown mascara for your brows. Shapes them and gives a subtle brown layer, a healthier glow.

4// MAC mascara.
Just bought the upward lash in black. The tiny brush looks like a mini hair curler.
Separates your lashes delicately and covers every tiny one of them. 
Rumour has it that there's an upgrade coming soon {compare it to a newer version of the iPhone 6}
blacker than black !!

5// MUD face primer
I learned about this product when following a workshop at MUD HQ in Antwerp.
It's primordial to have a good base underneath your foundation.
Keeps your make up looking fresh and makes sure it stays.
Perfect for long days when your make up needs to be flawless all day/night long.

6// Erborian Pink Perfect Crème
A secret glow to finish off your daily make up ; brings a subtle glow to your cheeks and tip of your nose. Also usable to reshape any nose and best used on your nose bridge.

7// Kiehl's Precision Lifting Pore Tightening Concentrate
Perfect for the 40-something skin ! 
Helped me sorting out some dry spots on my forehead. I've been using this for 9 months now and I'm pretty sure I will be purchasing it again soon. 

8// Sothy's Voile d'Eté
Gives your cheeks a healthy glow ; perfect for your holiday make up. I even apply it on my shoulders  when an off-the-shoulder dress is worn. Very sexy ! 

9// Kabuki brush by Sisley
This wasn't the cheapest brush in my drawer but I must admit, one of the best ones I've ever had.
Perfect for subtle appliance to daub any powder or compact blush product. 
The hairs are aplenty present and that's just the secret ; thick and super soft, this brush does everything it promises to be.

10// Bal D'Afrique by Byredo
my current perfume ! 
As perfumes are very personal I just recommend to search for it and try it on yourself.
Maybe you'll like it maybe you won't. 
Don't be mad :-)

11// Book by Sabine Peeters
one of my favorite make-up artists in Belgium.
Check out her Instagram account {she's dead funny too} and love her efforts to make women more body conscious !!

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