Girls will be Boys

vrijdag 4 september 2015

Girls will be Boys

A quick update om my latest outfit choice ; I've found these amazing comfy pants at Les Petites.  They feel like sweatpants but in fact, the trousers are well cut and the material is an über soft wool. Nothing itchy about it. 
I've paired it with a sky blue blouse from COS and my silver Adidas sneakers. 
The look has some androgenous feel to it which I totally love these days.

By now, I guess I own at least 8 shirts in some kind of sky blue, plain or striped ! 
Is this special ? I guess not but for someone who used to live in sweaters, it is.
Shirts and blouses always gave me an uncomfortable feeling ; every time I put one on, it ended up quicker back in my closet than it came out. 

Fortunately, the shirts I purchased lately, have a loose fit with a shorter hem and are made in a lightweight cotton.
Just perfect for someone who likes her clothes to be comfy ; I hate the feeling of wearing a chain armor. As much as I like fashion, I like to move without restriction. 

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